maandag 30 maart 2009

new blog!
what will you find here?

rare/hard to find old hc/punk/thrash/crossover.faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastcore,fem. fronted hc/punk/latino stuff,japanese hc,live stuff,demo/rehearsals etc

not gonna tell stories,simply because i dont have em,i'm living a boring/shitty life so if you are looking for entertainment,this aint the right place...
ill give minimum info on the shit ill post (only city/country/year/type of music/bitrate
requests? post em,maybe i can help you out...


3 opmerkingen:

  1. your blog is killer Dan, thanks you!!!
    can you post more latin hardcore?

    PD: (sorry for the offtopic) why is so hard make a comment on your blog?

  2. hey there,
    offcourse,i planned to upload more latin stuff but everytime i see something else that i wanna upload first;-)
    but ill in the next few weeks !!!!!!

    and dont know why the comment thingy doesnt work,it should accept all commments from anyone?

  3. The only small problem with the comment form is that I can comment only on some post (here for example)...

    Thanks for LOS MONJOS and LIBERATE! stuff!!!

    Dan, your blog is very interesting. It has very good ripped!

    If you like, check out my blog bro. Just a latin guy who seeks to spread the old hardcore love that often forgotten (If you like, we can trade links).