maandag 25 mei 2009

REASON TO BELIEVE - demo '85-'86

REASON TO BELIEVE - demo '85-'86 6 tracks 128 kbps

looking for a higher bitrate!
rtb putted out a great lp and a 7'' after this demo,this demo is more raw than the lp/7'',imo their best stuff
if you have any info on the exact release date,hope you can lemme know

A.I.M. (anger in motion) - reverend and rednecks demo 7''

A.I.M. - REVEREND AND REDNECKS DEMO 7'' 5 tracks 320 kbps

kangaroo recs,Henk has always been connected with the australian hc scene and this is probably the best record coming out of australia in the past 20 yrs,((yeah its better than extortion etc!) it was a demo released in the early 90's i believe,to me this sounds ala INTENSE DEGREE,remember their classic lp,this is the same style,fast hc with clean vocals,great production,soooooooooo goooooooooooooood!
only bad thing about this record is,its too short! only 5 tracks...but this is highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty sure Henk still has copies for sale so go to

YOUTH KORPS - demo '82 7'' '91

YOUTH KORPS - demo '82 7'' released '91 12 tracks 160 kbps

crucial response records best release!
Peter putted this out in '91 or something,demo was never released before
this stuff is incredible! in my alltime top 10 list for sure
get this if you like your hc like hated youth,d.r.i.
no metal etc just good faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast hc,the way it should sound

edit: this record is still in print! go buy it at

FFF (FIGHT FOR FREEDOM) - ganglife demo '84

FIGHT FOR FREEDOM - ganglife demo '84 8 tracks 256 kbps (not sure about the year...)

FFF from California.
reminds of early suicidal tendencies stuff (vocals)


CONDEMNED TO DEATH - st 7'' '83 192 kbps released on R-Radical recs

condemned to death was good,really! vats demo is great,7'' too,lp sucks...
on the discography are a bunch of tracks that are pretty good too,but all in all not worth my money,but im glad i own this 7''
7 tracks that sound somewhere between koro/christ on parade/mdc/ JUST DOWNLOAD IT,ITS A CLASSIC!


E.S.S. - society demo '82 8 tracks 192 kbps

classic hardcore from arizona-usa...

zondag 17 mei 2009

MAN LIFTING BANNER - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam-holland 06-22-'08

mlb - live @ de melkweg 15 track 320 kbps

CLASSIC BAND!!! this was a real good reunion,saw both shows (on dvd ;-() not gonna say anything else,rip from video,but good enough for an mp3 rip,2 tracks remain unknow ,if you know,post em!

CRIVITS - live @ de tagrijn,hilversum-holland 08-11-'90

CRIVITS - live! 14 tracks 320 kbps

THE CRIVITS were a straight edge band from rotturdam,the netherlands and put out a bunch of records
first 7'' on old world records,the rest on the shitty lost and found record label
7'' and first 2 full lengths are still worth listening,they had a uniform choice vibe,but with some groovy parts,later stuff was more emo sounding
but these 14 tracks are from the beginning,even has 2 rare tape tracks in it and a judge cover (ive lost) soundquality is good! check it out!
members are playing now in hardship,birds of a feather!

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

THE WANKYS - live @ the new cross inn,londen-UK 03-11-'08

THE WANKYS - live in londen 7 tracks 320 kbps

not a huge fan of the wankys on vinyl because the sound quality doesnt fit the music most times,so i think this sounds even better than most studio stuff they did,really,add a little bass and this sounds goooooooood!

HJERTESTOP - live @ ACU,utreg-holland 2008

HJERTESTOP - LIVE! 7 tracks 320 kbps

another 'quote' shity 'quote' video rip i did...with tracktitles this time...
thx to Darcy Trash for puttingup the footage!
mp3's came out pretty good imo,hopefully the full set later...

YOUTH BRIGADE - live @ bauplatz,venlo-the netherlands/europe 09-09-'84

YOUTH BRIGADE - live in holland '84 18 tracks 320 kbps for the old dutch punks.
found this 2 days ago on slsk,really suprised coz i never saw it before and i spend way too much time on there ;-)
youth brigade played overhere when i was only 8 yrs old and probably still playing with my HE-MAN puppet or something
but this is really nice to hear,bauplatz in venlo had a bunch of good shows in the past,many legendary bands played overthere...this is a nice document,sound quality is pretty good for 25 yrs old recordings!!!

FEMALE SNAKE - demo '08

FEMALE SNAKE - demo '08 11 tracks 128 kbps

noisy and fast powerviolence from tucson-arizona
sound quality is great,what more do you want?

BRAZEN HELL - demo '08

BRAZEN HELL - demo '08 6 tracks 128 kbps

dont know shit about this band,googled,myspace...nothing .
all i know this band is goooooood!!! powerviolence the way it should sound,tight and well produced
if you have any info on em,would be nice to know!?

zaterdag 2 mei 2009

F.U.G. - skins,brains and guts 7 SECONDS cover session

F.U.G. - from italy covering the whole 7 seconds skins ...7'' ! DONE WELL!!!!

they recently put out a great 7'' with 13 tracks on rising riot records and a bunch of other labels
available through various distro's around the globe so go get your copy ! handnumbered /525...sold out soon i think...
dl the 7 seconds cover session here:

FAILURES - live @ the red barn,hampshire college 02-24-'08

FAILURES - LIVE! 9 tracks 320 kbps

another shitty rip i did last night ;-) i think it came out pretty good...OATH,CHARLES BRONSON,CUT THE SHIT MEMBERS you know the deal...