maandag 25 mei 2009

YOUTH KORPS - demo '82 7'' '91

YOUTH KORPS - demo '82 7'' released '91 12 tracks 160 kbps

crucial response records best release!
Peter putted this out in '91 or something,demo was never released before
this stuff is incredible! in my alltime top 10 list for sure
get this if you like your hc like hated youth,d.r.i.
no metal etc just good faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast hc,the way it should sound

edit: this record is still in print! go buy it at

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  1. Awesome demo, incredible.
    It's just unbelivable that it was made in 1982, while glam heavy metal was the mainstream.
    Fast and angry with great sound, I knew them on the Brain of Stone comp. tape.
    THIS should be re-released again because it's a classic.