maandag 30 april 2012

va - HOLLAND NAAR DE KLOTE!/GEEN WONING,GEEN KRONING! april 30th, 1980-2012 (a farewell to Beatrix) cd-r


unfinished back....

this year i won't forget to post it!
monday its queensday overhere,the whole country will be orange and full with annoying drunks celebrating the birthday of Juliana,our queens mom...
and with Bea leaving soon,i wanted to do something
so all 30 tracks on this disc contain songs about Beatrix and/or the politicial situation in our country in the early 80's,and offcourse the crowning riots from april 30th, 1980 when Beatrix was installed as new queen of our shitty little country.
the squatters community had a slogan for that day


there's a small info file incl with an english explanation of the whole comp. idea/topics in the songs written by Jos.!
he did something like this on distortion to deafness in 2010
so combined both,used alot of the same tracks so credits go to him for putting this together!!!

everything cleaned again for the best possible sound! but it's hardcore/punk right? so whatever...

00-LÄRM - intro
01-C.K.N. - Holland (naar de klote!)
02-DE STRAKS - koningin
03-KRIKK- crisis
04-TOTAL CHAOZ - oh Beatrix
05-BLOEDBAD - oranje boven
06-BIZON KIDS - Beatrix
07-MEGAFOONS - niks geen Trix
08-PISTACHE BV - je maintiendrai
09-METS - i hate bloody coppers
10-PIPOKOEIE - Beatrix
11-IDIJOTZ - police dept.
12-HOLLANDS GLORIE - oorlog op het binnenhof
13-CRISIS-C - effe niet
14-JESUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS - kill the police
15-NEUROOT - police provocation
16-LULLABIES - i hate cops
17-VACUUM - rel
18-GLORIOUS DEATH - police state
19-RAPERS - police is rotten
20-THE JET$ET - Beatrix army
21-THE NIXE - i love the cops
22-LAITZ - join the police
23-SCOUNDRELS - fuck the queen
24-RIOT - riot punx
25-NEO POGO's - Beatrix
26-THE FILTH - don't hide your hate
27-LULLABIES - cops in the streets
28-BVD - look out the cops
29-THE SQUATS - fuck the queen
30-ULTIMATE SABOTAGE - God save the queen (SEX PISTOLS)

donderdag 26 april 2012

VIOLENT FUTURE - demo 2012 (canada)

best demo of 2012 sofar!!!

hardcore how it should sound!
no metal influences or whatever ,just good old fashioned pissed off early 80's styled stuff
there's also some 86 mentality/urban blight in it
actually members are playing in UB also
great production so this looks/sounds amazing!

released by the band themselve in canada,in europe through STATIC SHOCK recs from the u.k.
they released 100 copies of this on a pro duplicated tape
its sold out through static shock recs ,BUT you still can get copies from the band ...just ordered mine + 4 for go for it!
dutch folks can pick one up in the LESS SLOW distro soon,DONT BUY recs will have copies soon also!
go buy it,STUFF RULES!!!!

free download of the demo in m4a here

mp3's here


zondag 22 april 2012

RAYGUN - demo 1985 + 7'' (finland) VERSION 2!


butchered the first version,this came out lots better!
might be redoing track #15 again but for now im sick of laterrrrr

or maybe not...coz this could be the last upload on OLD FAST AND LOUD...can't upload anymore pics,or i have to pay for extra storage,and not planning to do so...tried to remove some from blog but same problem again,google thingy is full so not sure what to blog? well see...

track 9-11 are so f$%&*%^ing good!
amazing guitarsound in this stuff!
theres an lp out with some of the demotracks???? on it,go look for it!
it has 10 unreleased tracks on it
havent heard it yet,so cant say a thing about it...

but here you have the complete demo from 1985 + 3 tracks from the 1987 7'' all cleaned up for your pleasure ;-0

1985 demotape

01-vallatut maat
03-auttamaton juoppo
04-älä alistu
05-onx tää vapaa maa
06-aivopesty kansakunta
07-todellisuutaa et voi paeta
08-lisää sotilaita lisää aeita
09-ohjelmoitua elämää
10-ohjuxet (kylvää kuolemaa)
11-kauhua & väkivaltaa

1987 7''

14-ohjuxet (kylvää kuolemaa)
16-auttamaton juoppo

donderdag 19 april 2012

DEAD NATION - face the nation/cenk e.p./painless 7'' session (all 3 the orig mix) & live on WFMU radio


DEAD Dave uploaded the 7'' -es + 2 comp tracks in a great quality somewhere on the net,think from master or something coz you dont hear any vinyl cracks/pops
so for those who wanna hear the orig mix of the 3 7''-es' (re-mastered version of the 7 inches/comp tracks = the phassing phase lp...)
available from
as bonus a liveset they recorded on WFMU radio in NJ in end '99 or 2000 i think
these dude were good,real goooooooood!

vrijdag 13 april 2012

DE AANSLAG - de puinhopen van 8 jaar Balkenende lp + bonus: live @ Winston-Amsterdam 2010 (haarlem)

01-ren voor je leven
02-rouvoet Hitlergroet
03-wat kan je
04-JP of PJ
06-bedreigende diersoort
07-toen niet,nu niet,nooit meer!!! (duurder bier...)
08-wat scheelt eraan?
11-speculanten blues

15-wat kan je
17-JP of PJ
18-wat scheelt eraan?
20-speculanten blues
22-bedreigende diersoort
25-toen niet,nu niet,nooit meer!!! (duurder bier...)

go check out their site,they just posted the 2011 lp as 2 tracks (A side & B side)

DE AANSLAG - de puinhopen van 8 jaar Balkenende lp
 (in english) THE ASSASSINATION - the mess of 8 years Balkenende lp

ignored these guys for too long,thought it was some punky crap,but i was wrong
these guys play hc/punk like MIHOEN! did.
fast and with good lyrics in dutch about the increasing price of beer,the catholic church and all the dirt that came out last years,and offcourse about our former president JP (Jan Peter Balkenende) and the mess he created in the past 8 yrs and so on...
underated record for sure,so PICK IT UP FOLKS! worth your $ and it doesnt cost much,think 8 euro's or something,artwork looks great too,so what keeps you from buying this? you wanna hear it first huh,well here ya go,14 tracks from the lp & a liveset @ Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam 2010

go buy the 14 track lp!

or email the band on their bandcamp! to order your copy.


if you don't wanna beat your kid,i'll do it with pleasure! ;-0

woensdag 11 april 2012

NO COMMENT - "deadstare for life" live 1989-1993

01-a mothers crime
02-community slugs
04-in the name of stupidity
05-saying uncle
06-guinea piglet alone
07-farmer Hitler John
08-world of difference
09-skin rape
11-modern Mozes
12-for tommorows sake
13-open face down
14-juggling scars

15-deadstare for life
16-past tense
20-hacked to chunks
22-soiled by hate
24-push down and turn

NO COMMENT was the band that got me into the powerviolence genre,both 7'' inches on SLAP A HAM records are classics (recently re released on 7'' go get em!)
the discography on six weeks had some great livetracks too,the spanky's one...that bass sound on the lp version is pushed to the max,almost sounds digital,but i like it ALOT
unfortunaly,they didnt release the full set on the lp,recently found it together with a different/better sounding version of the fiesta grande set,cut em up and here ya go

cant figure out the title for track 3/10 so any help is appreciated

dinsdag 10 april 2012

DEEF - real control demo 1984 (japan)

DEEF - real control 1984 demo (2nd tape?) early 80's hardcore Sapporo-Japan style!
no info to be found online so cant provide any,but the music speaks for itself!
took out the tapenoise,sounds really good!
go get it!!!

donderdag 5 april 2012

LIE STILL - demo 2011

to warm you up for the next post,NO COMMENT/CROSSED OUT/INFEST-live ...

here we have LIE STILL's demo of last year,im slow,you know...

01-persuaded by comfort
02-aborted resources
03-manipulation of waring factions
04-path of conviction
05-retention of molecular balance
06-interupting simple functions
07-enslaved and left to die
09-value of limitations
10-desperation of approval

BENUMB & LACK OF INTEREST members,that should be enough,so not gonna say anymore
except that i have high expectations of the upcoming lp,when does this fucker come out? it was supposed to come out last year but no sign of it sofar????
but pretty sure it will be a rager
same goes for these 11 tracks
should be a 7''! THAT GOOD! 

dinsdag 3 april 2012

NEON PISS - live @ life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 07-06-2011 (oakland-san fransisco)

01-golden state advantage
02-tabula rasa
03-peaceful assembly
04-no there here
05-look homeward angel
06-sickening wind
07-siege mentality
08-bullet in the back
09-ever falling in love (THE BUZZOCKS)
10-Judy is a punk (THE RAMONES)

recorded live on LIFE DURING WARTIME-KBOO radio 07-06-2011
took the volume of the vocals a bit down coz they were too loud,and its "stereo" now too...

to me this beats the demo by far,luv the rough sound on this one,great thick bass sound
great songs,catchy as hell punkrock,people compare em to the WHIPERS/OBSERVERS etc
never listened to the WHIPERS so maybe i should check them out too
but they have a pretty cool sound of their own
and with a new lp release on deranged and a european release of that same lp + an upcoming euro tour
this band will get some people talking soon,pretty sure
cd-r back-cd-r sticker laterrrrrr but for now
 download this,play loud and shake your booty!


NEW LINK WITH ALL TITLES!!! and new tags!,grab this one and delete the other please?

if you wanna check/download their demo if you havent yet,you can get it at their band camp,incl 2 new songs from the upcoming lp (both played live in this set)

thx to the folks @ KBOO for recording and Greg for the missing titles!

zondag 1 april 2012

VA - COMPLETE DEATH - live @ the toshima public hall-japan july 17th, 1988 cd-r

released as VHS only in 1988/89...

but here we have an mp3 rip of the old video,but this came out really NICE!

8 bands,doing 10 minutes live each
all band play 3/7 tracks,and all in an amazing sound quality!
took me 5 days so hope you will enjoy it as much as i do,all great bands,but for me the DEATH SIDE,SxOxB,OUTO & SYSTEMATIC DEATH are the favorites on here,but the other 4 will blow ya socks too,bummer SELFISH recs never released this on double lp or something...
tonight ill make some sort of inserts with some bandmembers info and some pics/snapshots etc to finish this,but in a seperate folder,so you have to dl/add yourself later to this one
enough rambling,here it is








more laterrrrrrrr


later probably some more DEATH SIDE - live in hakodate japan 1992,think i can get that set better as the sendai one....we'll see