donderdag 5 april 2012

LIE STILL - demo 2011

to warm you up for the next post,NO COMMENT/CROSSED OUT/INFEST-live ...

here we have LIE STILL's demo of last year,im slow,you know...

01-persuaded by comfort
02-aborted resources
03-manipulation of waring factions
04-path of conviction
05-retention of molecular balance
06-interupting simple functions
07-enslaved and left to die
09-value of limitations
10-desperation of approval

BENUMB & LACK OF INTEREST members,that should be enough,so not gonna say anymore
except that i have high expectations of the upcoming lp,when does this fucker come out? it was supposed to come out last year but no sign of it sofar????
but pretty sure it will be a rager
same goes for these 11 tracks
should be a 7''! THAT GOOD! 

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  1. 150+ downloads and no one who got something to say about em,cool,nice,damn crapper,fuck they're good or they're shit,boring typhys noise whatever???
    no one huh????