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va - HOLLAND NAAR DE KLOTE!/GEEN WONING,GEEN KRONING! april 30th, 1980-2012 (a farewell to Beatrix) cd-r


unfinished back....

this year i won't forget to post it!
monday its queensday overhere,the whole country will be orange and full with annoying drunks celebrating the birthday of Juliana,our queens mom...
and with Bea leaving soon,i wanted to do something
so all 30 tracks on this disc contain songs about Beatrix and/or the politicial situation in our country in the early 80's,and offcourse the crowning riots from april 30th, 1980 when Beatrix was installed as new queen of our shitty little country.
the squatters community had a slogan for that day


there's a small info file incl with an english explanation of the whole comp. idea/topics in the songs written by Jos.!
he did something like this on distortion to deafness in 2010
so combined both,used alot of the same tracks so credits go to him for putting this together!!!

everything cleaned again for the best possible sound! but it's hardcore/punk right? so whatever...

00-LÄRM - intro
01-C.K.N. - Holland (naar de klote!)
02-DE STRAKS - koningin
03-KRIKK- crisis
04-TOTAL CHAOZ - oh Beatrix
05-BLOEDBAD - oranje boven
06-BIZON KIDS - Beatrix
07-MEGAFOONS - niks geen Trix
08-PISTACHE BV - je maintiendrai
09-METS - i hate bloody coppers
10-PIPOKOEIE - Beatrix
11-IDIJOTZ - police dept.
12-HOLLANDS GLORIE - oorlog op het binnenhof
13-CRISIS-C - effe niet
14-JESUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS - kill the police
15-NEUROOT - police provocation
16-LULLABIES - i hate cops
17-VACUUM - rel
18-GLORIOUS DEATH - police state
19-RAPERS - police is rotten
20-THE JET$ET - Beatrix army
21-THE NIXE - i love the cops
22-LAITZ - join the police
23-SCOUNDRELS - fuck the queen
24-RIOT - riot punx
25-NEO POGO's - Beatrix
26-THE FILTH - don't hide your hate
27-LULLABIES - cops in the streets
28-BVD - look out the cops
29-THE SQUATS - fuck the queen
30-ULTIMATE SABOTAGE - God save the queen (SEX PISTOLS)

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