dinsdag 3 april 2012

NEON PISS - live @ life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 07-06-2011 (oakland-san fransisco)

01-golden state advantage
02-tabula rasa
03-peaceful assembly
04-no there here
05-look homeward angel
06-sickening wind
07-siege mentality
08-bullet in the back
09-ever falling in love (THE BUZZOCKS)
10-Judy is a punk (THE RAMONES)

recorded live on LIFE DURING WARTIME-KBOO radio 07-06-2011
took the volume of the vocals a bit down coz they were too loud,and its "stereo" now too...

to me this beats the demo by far,luv the rough sound on this one,great thick bass sound
great songs,catchy as hell punkrock,people compare em to the WHIPERS/OBSERVERS etc
never listened to the WHIPERS so maybe i should check them out too
but they have a pretty cool sound of their own
and with a new lp release on deranged and a european release of that same lp + an upcoming euro tour
this band will get some people talking soon,pretty sure
cd-r back-cd-r sticker laterrrrrr but for now
 download this,play loud and shake your booty!


NEW LINK WITH ALL TITLES!!! and new tags!,grab this one and delete the other please?

if you wanna check/download their demo if you havent yet,you can get it at their band camp,incl 2 new songs from the upcoming lp (both played live in this set)

thx to the folks @ KBOO for recording and Greg for the missing titles!

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  1. Thanks for putting this up. We're fine with it and glad that you like it. Here is the correct song list:
    1. Golden State Advantage (sound check version. I don't know why KBOO included it on the download.)
    2. Golden State Advantage
    3. Tabula Rasa
    4. Peaceful Assembly
    5. No There Here
    6. Look Homeward Angel
    7. Sickening Wind
    8. Siege Mentality
    9. Bullet In the Back
    10. and then those two cover songs....you know what they are.

    Here is a very unexciting video of us playing the first two songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxpGQowD3YI

    Greg//Neon Piss

  2. over 100 downloads and again,no comments
    all you guys are complaining about how all blogs are dying,you wonder why huh? all you do is complaining when links are dead/mediafire/megaupload getting shut down
    but what do you do? you grabbing free music,provided by bands/labels/radiostations,real music fans who bought the record,ripped it,and uploaded so YOU can enjoy/check it out,FOR FREE
    no questions asked
    so its would be nice for the people who put their efforts in this thingy called blogging,to read some comments
    you don't have to kiss their ass,just show a little appreciation,thx will do
    and fuck it,i dont need your comments,but its nice when a bandmember/s comes across a blog and sees a post about their band,and people appreciating their music,just think about that...


  3. please some one releasing that shit on tape!!!!....please.....!!!

  4. finally someone who knows what's up! ;-0
    i might ask em to a do a lim euro version /50 on pro tape....
    and yeah for a mono to "stereo" recording it sounds pretty damn good!


  5. HEHEH!!! but who makes the euro version??

  6. can be doubled 50 copies color tape

  7. i wish there was intrest in the stuff i'm putting out/wanna put out
    but everything with my name/label on it,doesnt sell
    so it won't be an LESS SLOW release for sure,just pulled the plug...
    its just what i posted above...people wanna dl it for free,but not gonna buy it when it gets released on a tape/record,thats the way it is these days...who knows OFAL records will be born in the near future/after the crisis/bomb dropped ;-0
    but the last thing im doing is the CORRUPTION 10''
    it will be over after that one..

    Alex KFC tapes should do it,he did a nice job on the generacion suicide live at life during wartime tape,colored tapes too go bug him at the no punks in ktown blog! ;-0

  8. I have generacion suicida live tape!!