maandag 30 september 2013

CIRCLE OF SHIT - black thoughts demo 1984 (philadelphia-PA)

(click on image to enlarge)

hard to find 1984 demo by these Philly punx,cleaned up version
best i can do at the moment. version 2 maybe later...this is it for now.
pretty good demo,from 3/4 different sessions i think,last 4 are recorded live.
first 2 tracks remind me of SLAM's demostuff,so not much U.K. punk influences in here,but it sounds gooood!


life kills.


donderdag 26 september 2013

FILTHY HATE - possessed to satan demo 2012 (japan)

were staying in japan.
this demotape/cd-r is released last year.
but just scored a copy,on the way from japan....
so this is not my rip!
this was send to me by my bud Gen,who got it from Sean-damaging noise blog.
it was part of a shitload of 1 track demos,but this demo blew me away.
full on 80's thrash/crossover.
no slick sound like all the municipal waste rip offs that keep on popping up,done with that boring crap...
the intro of 1,5 minute is a bit boring but from 1:32 they start thrashing like they did in the good ol' days.
DAMN GOOD demo!!!
tape is still available so pick it up.

woensdag 25 september 2013

GAUZE - distort japan-live 1986 'tape" (japan)

(click on images to enlarge)

another one that took 2 nights to get it like this...
took out the hiss (HISS FREE YOUTH GOOOO!)
and repaired the damaged parts,than boosted everything to the max. 
track 6 has some annoying noise in it.
some "fuckhead" walked around on stage with a huuuge mobile smoke machine...looked like a vacuum cleaner home improvement style.
terrible noise but lowering it didnt help so get over it,sound gets better after that one...
but that bass sound...SICK!


drummers name is it Khiroh or Ichiroh??? im not 100% sure...
think track 16-20 are recorded before 1986...

TRAGEDY - live @ THIS IS HARDCORE,the electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 9, 2013 (portland-OR)

allright folks.
after a few hours of labor,here's another highlight of TIH 2013.
insert not 100% done but will upload finished version soon.

GAUZE - distort japan ''live tape" up next! 

zaterdag 21 september 2013

BAD INFLUENCE - together we are stronger than they think...demo 1985 (belgium)

BAD INFLUENCE - together we are stronger than they think...demo 1985 from belgium
recorded in a old customs office @ the dutch border,by a member of dutch band the SCROUNDRELS: Patrick de Labie...
theres a whole bio written on the smurfpunx blog so....go read it yourself at the bottom of the page!

& thx to Jacques for putting this up

bumped post from 2011,new link requested so here it is.

cleaned it up a bit but not satisfied yet,so another version later,but got this for months done so here it is,more on the metallic side,some tracks with female vocals,and yeah those tracks kick butt!
politicians stink,fighting ain't no use,your choice,alternatives,would you...favorite tracks overhere
go pick yours.

vrijdag 20 september 2013

GRIMA - live @ east 7th. street,statico punx warehouse 2013 (LA)

new band out of LA.
they just released a split tape with MAL PASO!
but these tracks are recorded live at the statico punx warehouse,7 tracks of female fronted raw ponk!
BADASS! can't wait to hear the demo/split tape.



donderdag 19 september 2013

KOSZMAR - live @ blackwater records,portland-OR september 9, 2013 (vancouver-BC-canada)

remember the polska dupa/iphone demo i released last year?,probably not, coz none of you fuckers bought it...
here's another one that might end up on a tape,coz this rips from start to finish!
to me this is one of the best d-beat-crust punk whatever you wanna call it influenced bands outthere right now.
on this tour they had a different line up...
but the drummer is a maniac and Foat charged/distort filling in on bass does a great job also.
they just released their full length lp "jeniec wojenny" on:

charged/distort & rust and machine recs (site/store = closed/under maintenance at the moment)

havent heard the full record yet,so can't say a thing about it.
but you can listen to a preview here:

pick it up! 
lim. white vinyl ed. with obi still available i think...

think they've got a 7'' in the works too,with re-recorded demotracks on it.
keep an eye out for it!

now it's time to annoy your neighbors.

or stream/dl from here:



zaterdag 14 september 2013

VIOLENT PARTY - poison mixers lp 2013 (VA)

the "new" VIOLENT PARTY lp
top 10 record of this year! 
got this one 2 weeks ago,first rip sounded shitty,but redid it.
this lp came without insert,no track titles on the centerlabels etc,zero info
had to take the titles from 
so wonder if this comes with or without insert???
should email the label but still a great record by this 2 piece from VA. 
a male & female.
full on noisy japanese hc/lebenden toten style.
not sure if its edited correct,but think it is...

they're coming for you too! 


vrijdag 13 september 2013


the wait is over folks.
this one took some time to come out,some recordings were floating around for awhile but this sounds different/better! drums are much stronger...
they took the time to make the perfect record.
and it worked,this version sounds really ,really good! great production on this one.
artwork looks nice too,and its also available on white and red wax
white and black for mailorder ,the red ones available on shows only  i think...
also available on tape! and they got new merch too,shirts/buttons...pick it up.
this one's gonna be in the lp top 10 list of this year for sure.
damn great record!
ordered 2 on white,pretty sure these will go fast so grab one while theyre still available
buy! here: 

(grab the CONSTANT FEAR demotape too,RULES!)

stream full lp here:

it goes from track 11 to 1.,starts with their best song...SHAKE YOUR BOOTY! 

11-mil amores
09-los probres,landones y muertos
08-todo destruido
03-el centro
02-ya no hay ke hablar

donderdag 12 september 2013

WORLD WAR 4 - live @ THIS IS HARDCORE the electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10, 2013

this years edition of TIH had a bunch of good bands,so here we go.
no livestreams for d/l this year unfortunaly... 
but took the best quality video by Sunny Singh and recorded the audio.
takes a bit more time,that's all...hope everyone is cool about it?
if anyone has problems with this set being online and the others i'm gonna put up
lemme know and ill remove the post/s! 

thanks to Joe for organizing,Sunny for filming,Len for mixing/mastering,the bands for playing awesome gigs!

were starting with WW4 from NJ/MA
 FLOORPUNCH vocalist,NO TOLERANCE/RIVAL MOB etc members,you know the deal...
2 highlights of last yrs edition teamed up together to be a highlight of this yrs edition,awesome!

stream & download here:

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 4

(click on image to enlarge)

#4 tomorrow!


WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hardcore/punk compilation-80's flashback! vol. 2 BIGGER,BETTER & IMPROVED!!!!

spend 4/5 days on these 50 tracks
cleaned em up,some were a real pain in the ass,old demo recordings,lots of tapenoise and whatever more,ALL GONE NOW! took too much time but i think it was worth the backpain...
here's the tracklist.

01-POST MORTEM (U.K) - the fight goes on
02-PEDAGO PARTY (italy) - lo spazio che ci resta
03-THE BRAT (U.$.A.) - highschool
04-NIET (slovenia) - ni izhoda
05-JET$ET (the netherlands) - Afrika
06-WAX (sweden) - imsen
07-CONTROPOTERE (italy) - chiusi in gabbia
08-VADO PERMANENTE (canarian islands) - machistas-feministas
09-COMPOS MENTIS (new zealand) - worst crime
10-COCADICTOS (spain) - salve a tu nacion
11-INDIREKT (the netherlands) - shell "helpt"
12-LAS VULPESS (basque country) - me gusta ser una zorra
13-NO CONTROL (U.$.A.) - Johnny
14-BAD INFLUENCE (belgium) - politicians stink
15-NO THANKS (U.$.A.) - are you ready to die?
16-BRAIN DEATH (japan) - whistle
17-DE ZWEETKUTTEN (the netherlands) - geen geloof
18-THE COMES (japan) - medium
19-CITIZEN FEAR (U.$.A.) - wall street government
20-DESECHABLES (spain) - el vampiro
21-FIFTH COLUMN (U.K.) - monitors
22-CONFLICT (U.$.A.) - slide
23-FLERE DODE PANSERE (sweden) - minedod
24-MORNINGTON CRESCENT (the netherlands) - i'm so happy
25-CHUTE DE ESPARMA (canarian islands) - no kiero mas
26-LAST PRAYER (canada) - today
27-SQUITS (the netherlands) - porno pirate
28-BULIMIA (brazil) - uniao
29-ULTIMATE SABOTAGE (the netherlands) - indians
30-ZOI (france) - psaulme 1
31-T.N.T. (swiss) - razzia
32-SACRILEGE (U.K.) - bloodlust
33-AMSTERDAMNED (the netherlands) - ballroom dancing
34-GASH (australia) - gash thrash
35-COMBAT NOT CONFORM (germany) - into abyss
36-SS20 (mexico) - otro dias
37-NOG WATT (the netherlands) - neighbourhood watch
38-SIN 34 (U.$.A.) - runaway
39-BITCH FIGHT (U.$.A.) - dumb bitch in love
40-RESISTANCE (the netherlands) - geen verschil
41-THE KICK (swiss) - i got a gun
42-SADO NATION (U.$.A.) - on the wall
43-LOS CHERREES (U.K.) - race of the test tubes
44-NURSE (japan) - kanji title
45-INITIAL REACTION (U.$.A.) - stuck in suburbia
46-THE WRECKS (U.$.A.) - slow boat to Yuba
47-BIZKIDS (the netherlands) - secret
48-BURNING WITCHES (U.$.A.) - America's peacekeepers
49-THE RUTTO (finland) - paha,kuolema
50-INSURRECTION (australia) - 200 song

edit; this one's still in the works too,started with 40,2nd version was 50
but right now ive got 65,so ill do a 2x cd-r thingy,35 on each disc...

here's what it is sofar...

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! a spanish female fronted hcpunk-live! compilation

the fire is still burning...

still in the works...will be 40 tracks when done,but here's 01-27...
raw as fuck live/audience recordings from camera! some recorded on the streets in sbrd quality in this one,but stuff like this gives me chills on my back,TAKE IT TO THE STREET!
everything boosted to the max so... PLAY LOUD/STAY PISSED!!!

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation cd-r #6

01-LANDVERRAAD (the netherlands) - the F
02-DAMNIT HONEY (japan) - kusokaisya
03-MORE THAN A JOKE (U.K.) - at some point in this conversation
04-BASTARD DECEIVER (U.$.A) - sweller
05-TEEN WOLVES (U.$.A.) - bedtime stories
06-CURMUDGEON (U.$.A.) - spineless
07-VIOLENT RESTITUTION (canada) - murderous colonialist assimilators
08-CONGENITAL DEATH (U.$.A.) - empty
09-DE FATWA's (the netherlands) - lafaard
10-LAS OTRAS (spain) - asesinas
11-RAJAT (finland) - valinpitamattomyys
12-BURIED AT BIRTH (U.$.A.) - ready player one
13-KATMA (serbia) - nonaono
14-AVFART 33 (sweden) - packa og ack
15-KHATARINA (finland) - traitor
16-EVAZIJA (croatia) - like a weed
17-MOMS ON METH france) - the company we keep
18-SHALLOWS (U.$.A.) - late heavy bombardment
19-OUTLOOK (U.$.A.) - living for more
20-ZOMBIE DOGS (U.$.A.) - nerd in the pit
21-LOS WEBELOS (spain) - acción
22-DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVO (austria) - deseperación
23-REPLICA (U.$.A.) - sycophant
24-DESTRUYE Y HUYE (U.$.A) - oscura socieda
25-VICIOUS PLEASURES (U.$.A.) - above the horizon
26-GENERACION SUICIDA (U.$.A.) - mil amores
27-VANNA INGET (sweden) - nödsignal
28-BELGRADO (spain) - panopticon 
29-OBEDIENCIA (spain) - edificios
30-CRIATURAS (U.$.A.) - anarkia
31-HEADWIND (U.$.A) - what it's comes to
32-DEATH FIRST (U.$.A.) - trapped
33-DETOX (lebanon) - bombsucker
34-ASSHOLE ADULT (U.$.A.) - shell shocked
35-PETTURIN PALKKA (finland) - mellakkasoppa
36-FORCE QUIT (canada) - bodily domain
37-RETCHER (U.K.) - your conscience
38-SUICIDAS (austria-spain) - cuerda floja
39-ANTIKLIMAX (finland) - suuntaviitat
40-KLINIKA (poland) - czym jest wiar

after a year of listening/adding/removing bands i think it's done...
these are my favorite songs from their records-demo's
think it came out really nice.
from latino punk to powerviolence,so something for everybody!
and make sure you shake your booty to the last track!
almost 70 minutes of female fronted latino/chicano/hardcore/punk/powerviolence/grind whatever...

 go check em out,and buy their records!


thx to Dave for some quality rips.

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hardcore-punk compilation vol. 5

(click on image to enlarge)

#5 did this one around 2008/9...


woensdag 11 september 2013

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 1

(click on image to enlarge)

this is the first one i did,back in 2006 if memory serves correct
got a bunch of good reactions on it so i tried to do one each year,it's 2013 and we did 8 sofar (incl a disc dedicated to the spanish ladies doing it live) 
doing a few corrections to some tracks on the other comps,will upload the rest asap...
this one's had some changes too,sounds good!!!



LA FRACTION is back after a few yrs of silence ,they just released a new 7''!!! pick it up.
will put up a rip of the SIREN 7'' soon,the one thats floating suuuuucks.

dinsdag 10 september 2013

WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc/punk compilation vol. 8 2013

finally done.
this disc is compiled by yours truly in the last 6 months or something...
it contains 40 tracks,by 40 bands from around the globe.
these tracks are my personal favorites from their demo's/records so hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

stream/download from here:

or download it here:
(link expires in 3/4 weeks) 

and buy their demo's/records!


va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc/punk compilation vol. 3

(click on image to enlarge)

last year i got a few requests to re upload the WSP comps but i was too lazy to dig up the data dvd's they were on,pain in the ass to find the discs with vol. 1/5 on it...but got #3,redid it so it sounds good/better as the old version.
used the old back cover ,again lazy fucker,maybe ill type a new one out soon,but gonna look for the other discs first...too bad the versions on slsk are almost all messed up,every vol. has tracks from another in it here's the good version of #3.
don't remember in what year its compiled,think 2007/8 
CRS disease...

PLAY LOUD/STAY PISSED!!! (put NO VALUE's track on repeat,that one will get you ready for some action)


SMEAR CAMPAIGN - live on CJAM radio tape 2000 (st. thomas-canada)

no need to say more.
brutal/fast/pissed=great stuff!
grab it.

01-alarm smarm
02-plaster casts
03-mountain of wealth
04-the difference between piss and rainwater
05-don't make me heartpunch your sorry ass
06-stand by powerless
07-siege engine
08-abuse humanity
09-enigma machine
10-problem solved as many start
11-rinse cycle 

maandag 9 september 2013

DEEF - rehearsal 198? (japan)

6 tracks,this is one of em,rest up soon
drums sound like the hollow three D.R.I. used on their first recordings,BADASS!!!

zondag 8 september 2013

COMPLETED EXPOSITION - 2004-2010 (japan)

CE & RAPPA are my favorite hc bands from japan right now.
here's a collection of their demos and split 7'' with EXTORTION.
everything from 2004-2010 if i'm not mistaken
they also appeared on a couple of compilations,but all taken from previous releases...
haven't heard this one below yet,but pretty sure it kicks butt.
just out/out soon on:
PSYCHOCONTROL recs from czech rep. & 625 recs from the states
good to see 625 back on track again.
they also toured the U.$.A. in august with REPLICA,check youtube for live footage


donderdag 5 september 2013

SNAKERUN - demo 2004 onesided lp 2012 (canada)

an old demo that was floating around on slsk for yrs.
last year its remastered and put onto vinyl by BEDSIDE recs on a onesided lp with white labels in an edition of 250 copies
and this one came out nice! 
think the lp version isnt posted on another blog before,all were tape versions
so here it is.

still a few copies available i think...releases page doesn't say "sold out" ,but its not on the bigcartel site
so check your local distro or email em.

make sure you get your hands on that NUDES 7'' before its sold out,will end up in the yearlist of this idiot...

woensdag 4 september 2013

DISTORT - カセツト demo 200? + studio demo 2005 (japan)

fucked up noise from japan but pretty damn good! 
1st demo is pretty raw,the 2nd recorded in a studio sounds a bit better
good stuff,grab it and PLAY LOUD!!!

maandag 2 september 2013

URBANOIA - svart sement 7'' 2013 (norway)

4 tracks of old fashioned scandicore,released on their own label urban boys a lim. edition of only 200 copies,probably sold out soon,coz they had em with em on their eurotour so act fast if you want a copy
no d-beat,crust,fastcore,powerviolence
but pure hc like it was played in the early 80's.
BADASS record that will go in the top 10 of 7''-es this year.

(d/l link will expire in 3/4 weeks,no re upload!)

URBANOIA - live @ OCCII,Amsterdam video from their tour with DARK TIMES
filmed by DarcyThrash

scored my copy here,and it's still available so buy now or regret later.