donderdag 12 september 2013

WORLD WAR 4 - live @ THIS IS HARDCORE the electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10, 2013

this years edition of TIH had a bunch of good bands,so here we go.
no livestreams for d/l this year unfortunaly... 
but took the best quality video by Sunny Singh and recorded the audio.
takes a bit more time,that's all...hope everyone is cool about it?
if anyone has problems with this set being online and the others i'm gonna put up
lemme know and ill remove the post/s! 

thanks to Joe for organizing,Sunny for filming,Len for mixing/mastering,the bands for playing awesome gigs!

were starting with WW4 from NJ/MA
 FLOORPUNCH vocalist,NO TOLERANCE/RIVAL MOB etc members,you know the deal...
2 highlights of last yrs edition teamed up together to be a highlight of this yrs edition,awesome!

stream & download here:

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