maandag 2 september 2013

URBANOIA - svart sement 7'' 2013 (norway)

4 tracks of old fashioned scandicore,released on their own label urban boys a lim. edition of only 200 copies,probably sold out soon,coz they had em with em on their eurotour so act fast if you want a copy
no d-beat,crust,fastcore,powerviolence
but pure hc like it was played in the early 80's.
BADASS record that will go in the top 10 of 7''-es this year.

(d/l link will expire in 3/4 weeks,no re upload!)

URBANOIA - live @ OCCII,Amsterdam video from their tour with DARK TIMES
filmed by DarcyThrash

scored my copy here,and it's still available so buy now or regret later.

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