donderdag 12 september 2013

WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hardcore/punk compilation-80's flashback! vol. 2 BIGGER,BETTER & IMPROVED!!!!

spend 4/5 days on these 50 tracks
cleaned em up,some were a real pain in the ass,old demo recordings,lots of tapenoise and whatever more,ALL GONE NOW! took too much time but i think it was worth the backpain...
here's the tracklist.

01-POST MORTEM (U.K) - the fight goes on
02-PEDAGO PARTY (italy) - lo spazio che ci resta
03-THE BRAT (U.$.A.) - highschool
04-NIET (slovenia) - ni izhoda
05-JET$ET (the netherlands) - Afrika
06-WAX (sweden) - imsen
07-CONTROPOTERE (italy) - chiusi in gabbia
08-VADO PERMANENTE (canarian islands) - machistas-feministas
09-COMPOS MENTIS (new zealand) - worst crime
10-COCADICTOS (spain) - salve a tu nacion
11-INDIREKT (the netherlands) - shell "helpt"
12-LAS VULPESS (basque country) - me gusta ser una zorra
13-NO CONTROL (U.$.A.) - Johnny
14-BAD INFLUENCE (belgium) - politicians stink
15-NO THANKS (U.$.A.) - are you ready to die?
16-BRAIN DEATH (japan) - whistle
17-DE ZWEETKUTTEN (the netherlands) - geen geloof
18-THE COMES (japan) - medium
19-CITIZEN FEAR (U.$.A.) - wall street government
20-DESECHABLES (spain) - el vampiro
21-FIFTH COLUMN (U.K.) - monitors
22-CONFLICT (U.$.A.) - slide
23-FLERE DODE PANSERE (sweden) - minedod
24-MORNINGTON CRESCENT (the netherlands) - i'm so happy
25-CHUTE DE ESPARMA (canarian islands) - no kiero mas
26-LAST PRAYER (canada) - today
27-SQUITS (the netherlands) - porno pirate
28-BULIMIA (brazil) - uniao
29-ULTIMATE SABOTAGE (the netherlands) - indians
30-ZOI (france) - psaulme 1
31-T.N.T. (swiss) - razzia
32-SACRILEGE (U.K.) - bloodlust
33-AMSTERDAMNED (the netherlands) - ballroom dancing
34-GASH (australia) - gash thrash
35-COMBAT NOT CONFORM (germany) - into abyss
36-SS20 (mexico) - otro dias
37-NOG WATT (the netherlands) - neighbourhood watch
38-SIN 34 (U.$.A.) - runaway
39-BITCH FIGHT (U.$.A.) - dumb bitch in love
40-RESISTANCE (the netherlands) - geen verschil
41-THE KICK (swiss) - i got a gun
42-SADO NATION (U.$.A.) - on the wall
43-LOS CHERREES (U.K.) - race of the test tubes
44-NURSE (japan) - kanji title
45-INITIAL REACTION (U.$.A.) - stuck in suburbia
46-THE WRECKS (U.$.A.) - slow boat to Yuba
47-BIZKIDS (the netherlands) - secret
48-BURNING WITCHES (U.$.A.) - America's peacekeepers
49-THE RUTTO (finland) - paha,kuolema
50-INSURRECTION (australia) - 200 song

edit; this one's still in the works too,started with 40,2nd version was 50
but right now ive got 65,so ill do a 2x cd-r thingy,35 on each disc...

here's what it is sofar...

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  2. Seriously... most fucking great post of all the punk-blog area. Once again thx very lot Dan!

  3. Hey Dan,

    XMosaSaurusX hiero... M-Town Rebel visit ;-p

    Ik vroeg me af of je niet es je netwerk kon raadplegen om 't volgende te zoeken : Ooit had ik 2 cds van Vanity 4, 'Zoon Politicon' en hun demo 'Inquisitio Haeraticae Pravitatis', maar helaas alles kwijtgespeeld door omstandigheden...
    Nu enkel nog wat songs van de Groetjes Uit Rotterdam comp maar ja...
    Mocht je me dit kunnen opsnorren ergens ?

    Alvast thanx & keep up the good work with this blog, is een PARELTJE :D


  4. ik ga me best doen,comp tracks zijn ook het enigste waar ik bekend mee ben...