maandag 9 november 2015

SLOW DEATH - demo 1985 (summerside-PEI-Canada)

SLOW DEATH,skate edge from '85!!! but RAW as fuck! has nothing to do with the clean cut '88 stuff...
above a scan/print of their interview from the KILL THE POSERS #1 zine
boosted the stuff so sounds goooood!

(bumped post from 2011,that was a good year on this blog!,this is a rarity,so here it is,stream & d/l for free,SHARE OR DIEEEEEE!!!!!!

01-strung out
02-i rather burn than bail
03-redneck assholes
04-cop out
06-slow death
07-scene violence
08-you've got problems
09-the truck
10-you give me a headache

in the comment section you can find a link to a more recent interview,but now it is a private blog...SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! goddamnit what happened to the good ol' days...???


this blog ain't dead till i am gone...gonna take awhile...sorry to dissapoint you all LOL!!! now let's partyyyyyyyyy!

maandag 2 november 2015

DAS OATH - live on radiobeat-WERS,boston-MA 2005

2005 was a great year on WERS,Matt & Jen invited many,many great bands to play in the radiobeat studios,i missed this broadcast so nice to have the mp3's finally.

more radiobeat sets sooon,slapshot,direct control,bones brigade,close call,say goodbye,terminal state,the observers,the trouble,for the worse 2x ,concrete facelift 2x ratbyte
last 3 played on Matt's last show,still in my memory coz it was drunken chaos on the radio,passed out before it was over,an ocean in between but damn good times!!!
10 yrs passed by and that 1st track...i think i did well LOOOOOL...cheers! & light up a big one!!!

but here's the OATH setlist:

01-i've been trying to fuck up my life for years
02-great news from the southpole
03-quiet! subtle pretext chiming in
05-awesome rape
06-colostomy grab bag
07-oh,gruesome lunar cycle
08-disney surgery
09-comatose life of wonderment
10-only us fakes get all the breaks
11-half pregnant
12-if you feel like an enemy,come follow me
13-through the crack of your cage

nice set from the 7'' era and you know that one kicks butt!

edit: bumped post from 2011,new link requested & d/l from here:

other WERS sets right here:
and if anyone has problems with the WERS sets online,please lemme know and ill remove em
don't wanna piss off anyone coz i had a great time listening to the station that year
recorded alot of them from my comp to tape but with some annoying weird sounds from refreshing the page etc,and sometimes censored
Matt was kind enough to send the full broadcast to this asshole right here ;-)
so hope it's still cool???

this time it will go on the archive,for eternity??? free d/l/stream non commercial!!!,SHARE OR DIE!!!!!!!!

donderdag 8 oktober 2015

RAW NOISE - a holocaust in your home 1984 demo 12" out now on NAUSEA recs!!! (pre E.N.T.)

out of action but i can post a picture/link
some of these tracks were floating around for yrs in a shitty quality,Marcus-Nausea recs gave this the threatment it deserved and the result is badass. pre E.N.T. folks,more straight forward hc/punk as E.N.T.,great stuff
and almost sold out so act quick!!!

listen here:

buy here:



donderdag 1 oktober 2015

out of action for awhile!

took care of both of my parents for the last couple of yrs ,24/7 365 days a year,no holidays nada,paid off all medical bills and from tomorrow morning 11:00 my job is done! my dad passed away 3 months ago,my mom with alzheimer went completely nuts after the funeral so...
i'm fuckin' tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!!!!!! did this blog during my sleepness nights/days,fuckin' imsomnia...
so gonna catch up some sleep & trying to set up a new life...


back in the day this was a funny song...not laughin' anymore...
this is/was my mom in better times....she's still with us,but i miss her...

zaterdag 19 september 2015


list got removed somewhere else,no clue why? but fuck it all,sold 5 records lol,Maciek,you'll get yours soon!


ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE - st lp 1988 (bay area-CA)

more crossover stuff from the CONDEMNED/ATTITUDE/ADJUSTMENT family...with Andy on vocals.
not as good as those 3 bands but a nice listen for sure!
8 own songs,last one is a cover by ELVIS PRESLEY-heartbreak hotel...

new link requested,here it is,stream & dl this time,tired of reuploading.

CONDEMNED (ATTITUDE) - 1986-1989 demos-live-vinyl (bay area-CA

01-03 - demo 1986 D.I.Y. release

04-11 - live on KLAX radio,berkeley-CA 1986 THEIR 2ND LIVE SHOW!

12-25 - live @ mabuhay gardens,san fransisco-CA 05-16-'86 (see flyer)

seems like this was released as an official CA livetape...

liveset is missing in my folder??? so need to figure out where they went,if anyone reading this & dl-ed it before,send em over,thx! 


26-36 - what's yours demo '87 D.I.Y. release

line up:

Andy Andersen - vocals

Keith Chatham - bass

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Rick Strahl - guitar

Paul Birnbaum - drums

37-41 - kein schlaf 12'' '87 released on WE BITE recs from germany

line up:

Andy Andersen - vocals

Keith Chatham - bass

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Paul Birnbaum - drums

Rick Strahl - guitar

42-44 - to whom it may concern 7''/12'' '88 released on WE BITE recs from germany

line up:
Andy Andersen - vocals

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Rick Strahl - bass

Eric Brecht - drums

45-46 - 2 covers (UK SUBS & DISCHARGE) from the good,the bad,the obnoxious 12'' from '89 removed 3 tracks coz they are pretty shitty) also released on WE BITE recs

im not gonna say anything about the "factory man 7'') ;-)


edit:bumped post from 2011,new link requested so here ya go,

zaterdag 12 september 2015


TEAR-IT-UP just cant stand it 1st test /5 D.R.I. - dealing with it rip off,HOMEMADE

last rights - no guts no glory 12'' lp test press on reflex recs

TIU/ETA rejected TEST PRESS also not pictured & the TIU/DIF - TEST PRESS on busted heads recs from sweden /3! not included either.

tiu/dif splits + the demotape and a collection/live tape on a eastern european pro printed tape

zero to suicidal onesided 7'' on Felix or was it Ernie??-LIFES HALT label uncle slam recs + the TIU/FAST TIMES split on youngblood recs (philly stamp/40 & 2nd press still missing) and all versions of the mein comp compilation on youth attack records

every fucking color/version of the CLASSIC 7'' on havoc recs

screened posters are sold,going to Poland! TIU/ETA rejected test /7 + split 7" DIF on busted heads /3 also...(not pictured)

TIU/ETA split lp on deadalive recs

nothing to nothing lp hot pink + purple /2 versions missing

taking you down with me 12''

BORN BAD - 1st test
BAD ANTICS is not really a test/tour /100...
LIMPWRIST-whats ups test
ACID REFLUX - demo 7'' accepted version
TERMINAL STATE - demo test + 2nd 7'' test
TOTAL ABUSE - demo test
HIT ME BACK - only the magic schoolbus goes back in time test
BONES BRIGADE - st test (G.I.) make a test press rip off + the onesided 7'' testpress with homemade motorhead rip off cover
GATECRASHERS/IDOL PUNCH - split rejected test
LA PIOVRA - disastro sonoro test (whole peggio punks 7'' covered)
NO CONTEST - where do we go test
THE RITES - st testpress
PUNCH IN THE FACE - st test press
GOD FODDER - no sleep test with SSD - the kids are getting weirder rip off cover

negative fx - government war plans demo test press lp on parts unknown recs + both look back and laugh lp test presses on lengua armada recs and the gatecrashers - are a bunch of motherfuckers lp test press on hate the 80's recs

lifes halt 7'' collection posted before,demotape/some cool shirts,comp lp's/cd's/black/gold split lp's not pictured...

citizens patrol stuff,demo 7'' + pre order version missing.

B.G.K. - nothing can go wrong TEST PRESS on alt tentacles recs

donderdag 10 september 2015


there are not many records i'm gonna buy this year CRISIIIIIS...,but this one goes on the list
STABBED TO DEATH = HELLNATION members,and their demotape isn't on my sale list so that says something (got the lifes halt demo on vinyl also,no worries...)
didnt know the other band,and yeah,where have i been...,well to hell,back and forward over and over,but still here to make some noise lol,no full d/l...but spend your lunch money kids,it will be worth it! 


Hola folks!

Another hot new rock n' roll gem awaits! Kentucky + Sweden hybrid punk
powerhouse STABBED TO DEATH lets loose with a proper batch of
fast-as-fuck scrotum rippin' thrash that brings to mind HERESY, SOB
and THE RAMONES molesting each other behind a Waffle House dumpster.
Morbid death cult ERECTILE DEMENTIA penetrates your auricular orifices
with nine blasphemous tracks of teeth-gnashing noisecore misery and
death. The war on piss-weak adult contemporary bore-core remains very
fucking horrendous. All copies pressed on a veritable rainbow of
super-fruity "Psychedelic Reactor Meltdown" colored vinyl.

The ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Dismal Visions" and "Kiss Every Ass" 7" EPs are
both still hot n' ready as well.


Thanks for your time and take care!


woensdag 9 september 2015


orig. artwork by Jason. from the lp/cd cover. on a HABITAT hemp ply construction deck.