donderdag 11 februari 2016

RADICAL RETARD - once i woke '94

cool painting on the wall! FREDDY FLINKSTONED LOL

always funny when bands members are downloading their own music coz they lost it in the years for some reason
this is requested by Kees hennephof - drums (what a great last name,hempgarden in english ;-0)
he moved to spain yrs ago and somehow lost all the RR stuff
so here ya go
this was the full line up:
Mike Robinson - vox
Rob van Wijk - guitar
Bo van Rooij - guitar
Jan van Meerten - bass
Kees Hennephof - drums
they were from wijk bij duurstede in the netherlands,played crossover
and existed from '90-'95
they released 2 demos ,1 in '91 st (still looking for that one,so if you read this and have it,contact me! Kees wants it as mp3 too so hook him up!
the sometimes demo in '92 (also on this blog)
and the cd above in '94,followed by a demo/promo in '95
and a few tracks on some compilations,and that was it
im a retard too so this fits pefect on here ;-0
Kees still plays with a band in spain called MIZZILINK
vocals and guitar this time
heres their myspace
different than RR offcourse,more mature,more melodic too but no shitty woho's etc
if your into melodic hardcore/punkrock go check em out!

missinglink LOL

will reupload soon!!!!!!! need some more time...
march 5,2016 in their hometown,wijk bij duurstede,reunion party!!!


maandag 1 februari 2016

GENERACION SUICIDA - "sombras" preview

been away for awhile,but back on track...almost LOL,6 days to go...

GS also,4 upcoming tracks from the new record,all 4 great/B.A.D.A.S.S.!!! tracks,and the last one with only Kiwi on vox "ke mas kieres de mi"...DAMN!!!!! on repeat!
this is gonna be a great record!!!


Tony,Tulle tapes are going out apologies for the delay! it may take a few weeks,but they will be there soon! incl a few more from the 1st one, cheers!
and a few more people are waiting for stuff i promised to send out months ago,
life got in the way...
Marcus,Marcelo,Tomek,Yama...sorry for the delay! edit: crapper,i forget my dear comrade Lammie...!!! and Adrien,Alex,,,you'll get mail too,hate unfinished business.

cheers! D.

and yeah, don't forget...STAY PISSED!!!!!!!! more desperate,more violent LOL

dinsdag 5 januari 2016


not dead yet...jesus christ...but i think i'm not sleeping in my own bed tonight lol...i'm waiting for the men in blue while writing who knows what's gonna happen in 2016,this is a bad start for "uncle Dan" family shit gotten out of control a gonna take awhile before i'm back in action,pretty sure

have a good one folks and enjoy life!!!


zaterdag 5 december 2015

ACID BATH - what a drag demo 1986 (new orleans-LO)

16 track demo,no cover no info,well a little on the paranoize blog,but only 2 names of members
so if you knew who was in it,lemme know!
took out a little bit of tapenoise nothing more
16 tracks of good hc/crossover...
go get it !
there's another ACID BATH from new orleans as well,but they play some boring ass nu metal,complete crap compared to this,saw they are on rotten recs...label puts out lots of crap lately...remember the good ol dri days...
but here's the good ACID BATH

new link for Louis B. cheers/? you only live once...partyyyyyyyyyyyy like your live depends on it dude!

maandag 9 november 2015

SLOW DEATH - demo 1985 (summerside-PEI-Canada)

SLOW DEATH,skate edge from '85!!! but RAW as fuck! has nothing to do with the clean cut '88 stuff...
above a scan/print of their interview from the KILL THE POSERS #1 zine
 edit: (contrast SUUUUUUUUUUCKS,new comp,SUUUUUUCKS even more...hard times...will fix it,one day or another,who knows?????

but sounds goooood so what?

(bumped post from 2011,that was a good year on this blog!,this is a rarity,so here it is,stream & d/l for free,SHARE OR DIEEEEEE!!!!!!

01-strung out
02-i rather burn than bail
03-redneck assholes
04-cop out
06-slow death
07-scene violence
08-you've got problems
09-the truck
10-you give me a headache

in the comment section you can find a link to a more recent interview,but now it is a private blog...SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! goddamnit what happened to the good ol' days...???


this blog ain't dead till i am gone...gonna take awhile...sorry to dissapoint you all LOL!!! now let's partyyyyyyyyy!

maandag 2 november 2015

DAS OATH - live on radiobeat-WERS,boston-MA 2005

2005 was a great year on WERS,Matt & Jen invited many,many great bands to play in the radiobeat studios,i missed this broadcast so nice to have the mp3's finally.

more radiobeat sets sooon,slapshot,direct control,bones brigade,close call,say goodbye,terminal state,the observers,the trouble,for the worse 2x ,concrete facelift 2x ratbyte
last 3 played on Matt's last show,still in my memory coz it was drunken chaos on the radio,passed out before it was over,an ocean in between but damn good times!!!
10 yrs passed by and that 1st track...i think i did well LOOOOOL...cheers! & light up a big one!!!

but here's the OATH setlist:

01-i've been trying to fuck up my life for years
02-great news from the southpole
03-quiet! subtle pretext chiming in
05-awesome rape
06-colostomy grab bag
07-oh,gruesome lunar cycle
08-disney surgery
09-comatose life of wonderment
10-only us fakes get all the breaks
11-half pregnant
12-if you feel like an enemy,come follow me
13-through the crack of your cage

nice set from the 7'' era and you know that one kicks butt!

edit: bumped post from 2011,new link requested & d/l from here:

other WERS sets right here:
and if anyone has problems with the WERS sets online,please lemme know and ill remove em
don't wanna piss off anyone coz i had a great time listening to the station that year
recorded alot of them from my comp to tape but with some annoying weird sounds from refreshing the page etc,and sometimes censored
Matt was kind enough to send the full broadcast to this asshole right here ;-)
so hope it's still cool???

this time it will go on the archive,for eternity??? free d/l/stream non commercial!!!,SHARE OR DIE!!!!!!!!

donderdag 8 oktober 2015

RAW NOISE - a holocaust in your home 1984 demo 12" out now on NAUSEA recs!!! (pre E.N.T.)

out of action but i can post a picture/link
some of these tracks were floating around for yrs in a shitty quality,Marcus-Nausea recs gave this the threatment it deserved and the result is badass. pre E.N.T. folks,more straight forward hc/punk as E.N.T.,great stuff
and almost sold out so act quick!!!

listen here:

buy here:



donderdag 1 oktober 2015

out of action for awhile!

took care of both of my parents for the last couple of yrs ,24/7 365 days a year,no holidays nada,paid off all medical bills and from tomorrow morning 11:00 my job is done! my dad passed away 3 months ago,my mom with alzheimer went completely nuts after the funeral so...
i'm fuckin' tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!!!!!! did this blog during my sleepness nights/days,fuckin' imsomnia...
so gonna catch up some sleep & trying to set up a new life...


back in the day this was a funny song...not laughin' anymore...
this is/was my mom in better times....she's still with us,but i miss her...

zaterdag 19 september 2015


list got removed somewhere else,no clue why? but fuck it all,sold 5 records lol,Maciek,you'll get yours soon!


ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE - st lp 1988 (bay area-CA)

more crossover stuff from the CONDEMNED/ATTITUDE/ADJUSTMENT family...with Andy on vocals.
not as good as those 3 bands but a nice listen for sure!
8 own songs,last one is a cover by ELVIS PRESLEY-heartbreak hotel...

new link requested,here it is,stream & dl this time,tired of reuploading.