donderdag 27 augustus 2015

CYCOTIC YOUTH - skatedeck & RECORD//TAPES LIST up tonight/tomorrow!

started painting again,finally got some time...
this one is almost finished,and nope,not my wall ;-0
when it's completely finished i will take a new pic.

orig. artwork by Jason. from the lp/cd cover. on a HABITAT hemp ply construction deck.

gonna sell the R.K.L. deck,handpainted on a  brandnew pro THE PEOPLE'S deck,chinese import
deck alone new = $60 + 30! hours of painting so not gonna sell it for 100 bucks...1 of a kind folks...offers are welcome.

list up tomorrow,gonna have a drinking session tonight.



B.G.K. - nothing can go wrong lp alt. tentacles test press no sleeve (picture somewhere on this blog,will repost em)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - both lp's tests on lengua armada recs with custom artwork 8/10 made??? not sure...
LIMPWRIST - 1st 7" test (paralogy recs) if i'm not mistaken.../10 i think
PUNCH IN THE FACE - st 7" lengua armada recs (pope cover)

fuck it,tomorrow! CHEERS!

donderdag 20 augustus 2015

HOG - 1997-1999 demo-split tape-7'' (mexico)

sold the 7'' years ago,yeah im a dumbass,taste changed a bit in the years and now im sick of it,had a nice cover,glued stuff etc,you know the usual LENGUA ARMADA recs cover
the demo from '97 is more hc,while the songs from the split tape with INSURECCION and the hombre muerto 7'' are more crusty (songs on the tape are from the 7'' session,so tape not included),but i enjoy both styles,so here you have both releases,maybe they did more but not that im aware off...


03-llenando bolsillos
04-una mentira mas
05-perdiendo el control
06-acumulando odio
07-los cerdos sonrien


09-fino ladrón
11-almas de concreto
13-hombre muerto
14-yo robot,no gracias
15-no cuenten conmigo
16-a salvo
17-mundo feliz


FALSE LIBERTY - the zoo is free-silence is consent 1986-1987 cd-r (seattle-WA) V.2


Greg and Vic formed brotherhood after FL and you know they released some good stuff,also on this blog btw...

same goes for FALSE LIBERTY
fast to ultra fast songs combined with good lyrics what more do you want?
the demo should be released onto vinyl,its a classic in my book and im not alone in this for sure

emailed Greg about it...and he told me if they find the last member ,southern lord recs (Greg's own label) will probably release it in the near future,PRETTY DAMN COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

hope they find the dude quick coz this stuff rules,an lp with the demo on side a & the 7'' on side b would be absolutely killer!
Greg - vocals
Justin - guitar
Pete - bass
Vic - drums

7'' recorded @ the shoreline studios july '86 released in '87 on ONE STEP AHEAD recs from san fransisco-CA

artwork by Drew Elliot (front = art from the centerlabel of the 7'' back=front 7'')

nothing more to be said.
go dl it,as soon it will be released,this post will be deleted so enjoy for now!
can't find a myspace or website so this is all you get...


damn,new comp and see what a crappy cdr covers i made lol,contrast issue,will fix soon.
demo can use some corrections too.will fix too sooner or laterrrrrrrrr.

but heres a new link stream & d/l

woensdag 19 augustus 2015

FRONTE VIOLETA - travessias tape OUT NOW 50 copies made (SP-brasil)

FRONTE VIOLETA (the purple front) TAPE (Dama Da Noite Discos)

only 50 copies made!

this band is Ana and Carla from RAKTA doing their thing in 1 long track of 26 min.
more experimental as RAKTA but the same vibe,you need to hear this in the dark,playing it at daytime doesn't work for me...

selling a part of my record collection,list up soon!

stopped collecting multiple copies/colors yrs ago,but still got a shitload of double records,so it's time to let em go,i can live with 1 copy of each record. for god sake ive got 7/8 copies of the st TIU 7" best band EVER but wtf was i thinking...crazy times,TIU collection will be up for sale,most of it...same goes for LIFES HALT/BONES BRIGADE...
got a bunch of test pressings up for sale also,CTS,LBAL,BGK,BARKHARD and a few more goodies...paid ridicilous amounts for em,never get it back but i can use some $ after paying for my dad's funeral etc,so list up soon.



dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

RUIDO - discografia 1997-2000 (los angeles-CA)

everything they did from 1997-2000!
used the 1st 7''/INSULT split tracks + most of the compilation tracks from the blogged and quarterred version and fooled a bit with the sound (volume changes and some other corrections)
all the others came from Gen's orig. files and sound really good compared to the vinyl...somehow in the pressing process the sound got messed up on the records,coz most records had too much bass in the drums and the drums were on the front etc...the only bad thing about the records...
but most of the songs in this discography sound much cleaner now...

and you'll also get the "lost" version of the lp master,they used a tape dub for the lp,coz they couldn't find the the orig. master...
the lp tracks in here sound different and much better as the ones used for the know recs lp,the only track that's still lost from the lp master is ''estoy confundido"...but ''you're not human" from the reality comp was included,so you'll also get a nice clean version of the reality comp. track

i think it came out pretty damn good coz i'm playing this over and over...BUT it still needs a few changes to some of the demotracks (volume jumps a little bit in #11-vete,and hear a few other things i wanna change too)

and for those who don't know...their early work reminds of a more heavy LOS CRUDOS with dual pissed off vocals!!!
on the F.O.B. split and KLXU live 7'' they we're heading to a CHARLES BRONSON/OATH sound...
i can write more bullshit but you all know this is a great collection by a great band.
79 tracks 63 minutes! hell yeah!

RUIDO - discografia tape or digipack cd,not sure yet....
more info will be announced soon...

RUIDO 1997-2000

Gen - vocals 1997-2000 sessions)
Richard - vocals (1998 sessions)
Aimee - bass (1997-1998 sessions)
Isaiah - bass (2000 sessions)
Mike - guitar (1997 sessions)
Trashead - guitar (1998 sessions)
Lamin - guitar (2000 sessions)
Steve - drums (1997-2000)

thx to Gen for sending/sharing the original DAT/WAV files with the masses.
 and Vin for letting me steal/use his rips for more info....

edit: orig. posted in oct. 2012 but link was dead for awhile so from now on you can stream and d/l it from here: 

zaterdag 15 augustus 2015

RUPSBAND - the damage is done 2005-2007

BLATANT YOBS artwork stolen from Roel from HUMAN ALERT & Ed
hope when they see this they are not mad at me for butchering their work
i did it with pleasure ;-0



RUPSBAND - 34 track thrash attack

what are you gonna do when no band plays the music you wanna hear?
exactly,you are gonna write it yourself
this is what Richard UPS records did,he took influences from some of his favorite bands ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT/HERESY etc wrote some good lyrics,asked a few good friends from the bands S.A.F./THE SHINING to play all instruments and the result is what we have here
you know i don't use many words,but to me they were one the best bands outta holland in the past 10 yrs! i like everything they did! even 't RUPSBANDJE which isnt included in here,sound is raw as fuck on that one but when playing LOOOUD its badass,maybe ill upload that one later so you have all rupsband releases...
too bad they existed for only a short time,a full length would be badass but they left us with 34 tracks from demo,7'',split 7'' unreleased BGK tribute lp and some live tracks from various gigs incl the last show...
what can i say more than THIS STUFF RULES!!!?
and soon they will reunite for a few gigs in Brasil! yeah mr UPS moved to brasil (YOU LUCKY BASTARD! ;-0)
the guys are gonna pay him a visit and why not playing a few gigs while your there right,so soon
those will be the record release shows of the upcoming WAKING THE DEAD/D.F.C. split 7'' ,another nice collaboration between a dutch/brazilian band...
Richard also just announced UPS records is back in "business" again,so expect THE SHINING (amsterdam crossover) doing a brazilian tour somewhere in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUPSBAND foi um projecto de Richard UPS con membres THE SHINING/SKULLS AND FLAMES-S.A.F.-WAKING THE DEAD pra tocar musicas com influencia de hardcore-crossover bandas de metada
Desde marcho 2005 tocamos 14 shows ao vivo e lancamos 2 discos de vinil.

RUPSBAND from 2005-2007

Richard UPS - vocals
Ed - guitar
Mark - guitar
Rogier - bass
Mike D. - drums

go check the following website for more info:  for SAF/WAKING THE DEAD stuff

34 track thrash attack,fresh new link,stream and d/l from here:

RUPSBAND @ caga sangue festival!

make sure you also check the WAKING THE DEAD,DFC,POSSUIDO PELO CAO,CONQUEST FOR DEATH etc videos!!

and tomorrow ill post more links to some other vids.


Richard recently started a new label called MOSHOVER recs.
re-releasing old crossover classics onto vinyl/tapes.
he has 2 releases in the works at the moment but can't tell anything...,but you'll piss your pants if you are a vinyl lover and into the 80's crossover sound...

vrijdag 14 augustus 2015

DROP DEAD - live on live block,BSR-WELH radio,providence-RI 02-05-2004 cd-r

18 track liveset by the masters of fastcore.

another post from 4 yrs ago,dl link was dead for a looong time,no more re uploads,from now on you can stream/dl it from here for yrs to come.


RABIA - demo 2006 (NY) part I/2

first 12 tracks from 25 in total. still havent finished it and might take awhile but here's part I
unreleased recordings,no tracktitles...

SHREDDER - demo 2004 (belgium)

again Belgian hardcore/fastcore! (zotten uit Brugge)
and to me this is the best demo made in belgium from the 90's till now!
without a doubt...
so we're not gonna discuss that ;-0
i can write down some stuff no one reads so fuck it all
here is the demo
btw REPROACH has a new record coming out soon (us/japanese release) keep an eye out!

orig. posted 4 yrs ago,new link requested : stream/dl from here: