maandag 14 april 2014

PISTACHE BV & ETON CROP - 1981-1982 koesette tape/cowpact disc

uncompressed FLAC/WAV/MP3/OGG files here:

note: you'll get the whole shabang in one folder,so it will be HUGE in size...wav alone is 400 mb,so think it will be +/-1 gb...uploading takes awhile so we'll see...

tagged mp3's will go here:

here you have a nice clean version of both sides of the tape
ETON CROP tracks were impossible to find for yrs online.
i know some people are looking for it so this is for them.
it's not my thing,not bad or anything but,i don't know...

PISTACHE BV side is a different version as posted before.
very clean sounding version this time.
maybe ill try something later but for now it only has removed hiss and correctons in volume etc...


zaterdag 12 april 2014

DISSEKERAD - demo 2012 (sweden)

ever wondered how it would sound if Martin Crudos/Limpwrist/LA recs 
would sing for a d-beat-ish band?
here you have the answer.
DISSEKERAD from Stockholm-Sweden delivered one of the best lp's of last year and recently they dropped their "attack" 7'' on d-beat raw punk/skrammel recs
havent heard the 7'' but pretty sure its good.
pick it up! 
they also did an 8 track demo before the lp.
quality of the recordings wasn't that great so here's a pimped up version.


donderdag 10 april 2014

DERAS KRIG - systematisk massmord demo 2012 (santa rosa-CA)

raw & noisy california d-beat-swedish hc worship.
1st demo,they also did a 4 track tourtape this year but it doesnt reach the greatness of these recordings.
volume was low,sound a bit thin so here's a pimped up version of the systematisk massmord tape
a complete liveset will be added later.


woensdag 9 april 2014

KAGADA DE PERRO - victimas de horror demo '91 cleaned tape rip! (mexico)

ill finish it.
to me it sounds better as the 2011 lp version which is speeded up,and the version on the 2010 cd discography (different versions) are not that great either.
keep in mind this is done from an old tape rip,not from the master recordings but the sound is "full".
the cd version sounds too clean imho,think they took out too much hiss or whatever they did,it sounds "squeezed" 
sure the drums sounds pretty clean but the guitar sound was low on the tape,and they took out even more,balance is gone.
sounds like a disco record to me with those loud drumbeats/ & cymballs like a tambourine,hallelujah,praise the lord 

and they completely ruined the track "pensamiento anarquista" 
butchered,could be a version i did yrs ago lol
still prefer the orig version of the tape but thats me...
and 4 versions of the demo is better than 3 right?
for those who prefer the clean cd sound
you can d/l the 2010 versions on the abraham-hc blog. see link on the left of the page
2011 lp version is also on there.

hope someone will release/remaster these recordings again one day
the way it should be done...

here's a good example of how the orig version sounds after some work
and the "remastered" cd version from 2010....

dinsdag 8 april 2014

submitted: STOP BREATHING - the santa cruz e.p. (oxnard-CA)


this new 7'' is recently released,think by the band itself,but could be wrong,will check...
4 own songs and "who are you?" orig. released by VOID.
good to see there are still bands active in oxnard,never heard em till i got this in the mail
checked the other stuff and i can say this is def. the best record they did sofar,the vocals sound different on this record and the music has more energy too.

but for your reading pleasures i just copy/paste what John sended 
yeah lazy fucker 4 life! crucify me;-0

 John here from Stop Breathing, just dropping you a quick line to check out our newest release "The Santa Cruz EP". Not sure if you've ever heard of us or not, but we are a 5 piece hardcore punk band from Oxnard CA that teeters on the crossover line.  We put an LP out on No Idea Records in 2012. I like to think of us as a cross between RKL & Gorilla Biscuits with a dash of DRI. I'd like to hear what you think of it. Here is a link/code to download it

d/l link soon. (code expired)

If you'd like a physical 7" or any other info, please let me know. 

John Crerar

submitted: GUERRA DE CERDOS (PIGS WAR) - y te sacaran los ojos lp 2014 (argentina)

think i posted something from them awhile ago...CRS...
but theyre doing something different this time.
no crossover/thrashy sounding hc like the other bands played...
this is in the post punk style.
you hear some thrash metal parts in a few tracks like el cuervo,angeles rawson 
but the rest is more melodic (post) punk
gave it a few listens but this really isnt my thing.
you can play the same shit for year after year without any changes in musical style
but as a musician youll get sick of it,so some of these guys decided to widen their horizon
ive got respect for that.
if you are into the post punk genre,give it a try
it doesnt sound like a copy from this or that band.
joy division with a little slayer is how they describe themselves.
check it out here:

lazy fucker-direct link:

submitted: culto del cargo - nel nome dell' uomo la tecnica macina carne 2014 (italy)

2nd 7'' by these italians,posted their first awhile ago.
not much changes on this one,still brutal,dual vocals
good mix of d-beat-ish/hc with no annoying slow parts/solos/ultra long tracks...
6 tracks clocking in 10:21 
nice record.

more info/7'' download/band contact here:

direct a.k.a. lazy fucker! link:

submitted: DESZCZ - rain keeps falling 7''/mcd (poland)

behind with posting stuff thats send in 
so in the next days ill post a few things that are send in by bands,sorry for the delay.

DESZCZ from poznan-poland play crust,neo crust?..not familair with that "neo" thingy...
but to me it sounds like good dark/metallic hc ala TRAGEDY with some nice guitar parts like AT THE GATES - slaughter era...
members are vegetarians and ANTI-FASCIST,good thing! 
stuff like this can be boring quickly,but these guys are good musicians and this is a good record imho.
listened to the whole record without getting annoyed but
cant write a decent review so you gotta check it out yourself.
songs will be released on a 7'' soon & it will be available on mcd in May.

info here:


or here:

donderdag 27 maart 2014

BIZKIDS - God shave the queen 1981-1982 tape (haarlem-the netherlands)

God knows how many hours this one took but it was worth it for sure.
imagine,these recordings were archived on a 30+ yrs old VHS tape...
now it's 2014 and here you have a nice clean digital mp3 version.
stuff like this needs to be heard and not forgotten.
to me this was a highlight of the dutch hc/punk movement from the early 80's.
awesome female vocals,great bass sound,great songs.

heavily influenced by the DEAD KENNEDYS,
they started as a highschool band
 in a city/village called Velsen.
at that time they still had a female behind the kit.
Henk joined em later on.
with this line up they toured the country for a couple of yrs.
till 1983,the year Sander (bass player) passed away R.I.P.
the bizkids were playing for the fun,after Sander passed away the fun was gone.
and continueing the band was no option.
unfortunaly they never hit a studio to record a record or something.
there are 2 livetracks released on a live at parkhof lp and thats it.
Henk is still bangin the drums,shortly after the BIZKIDS
he joined the band ABANDON
they changed the name to THE SUNDANCE KID and are still playing under that name
reggae tunes folks,so roll a big one
and shake that booty!

check out his channel,has some other bizkids livesets on it too!!! 
and he also played/still plays for some thrash (metal) bands.
and this is all Henk could remember.
time flies,memories fade fast when you smoke weeeed & drink too much aka having fun.
so it comes with 4 untitled tracks....
but the cool thing is,you never heard em before,anywhere!
or you should have been there in '81-'83....
Henk learned the songs on his drumkit as #1,#2,#3 etc.
maybe Annegreet still remembers em but its not easy to track her down
Anne & Theo mochten jullie dit ooit lezen...
Henk heeft een exemplaartje voor jullie van het teepje!



BIZKIDS - videoclip with VIP's & Agentje from the "als je haar maar goed zat" DVD


Paradiso/VARA gigs here:

got 6 copies of the tape for sale/trade in a week or 2.

newspaper advertising for a benefit gig for the armed resistance in El Salvador.

newspaper ad for a gig with local/region bands.

pics from Henk's archive!

woensdag 26 maart 2014

THE METS - livetape 1985 (delftzijl-the netherlands)

almost easter and it's all because of YOU.

the live tape that was missing in the discography.
will be added to that post sooner or later...
track 4 = fight to die normal. 
wrong on insert.

still trying some things.
orig. mp3 + version1 wav

should be done before 04-20...