zondag 21 september 2014

FALLAZ DE EVOLUZION - maketa n1 2014 (ecuador)

new/young band from Ecuador
female/male fronted hc/anarcho punk.
raw recordings,but NICE!

demo 2014 cd-r
5 own songs,4 covers (CRASS (UK) with spanish lyrics... ,DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL & ESTIGIA (both were from mexico) & AXION PROTESTA.
no facebook/myspace....


zaterdag 20 september 2014

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE & LA MISMA - live @ 538 johnson str-NYC august 30, 2014 (BCN-spain-NYC)

(click on image to enlarge)

artwork from u.s. tour t-shirt/flyer,stole it coz it looks nice and it fits perfect.

audio recorded by Torsten-UNARTIG-NYC
pimped up by yours truly.

stream/download UBI from here:

LA MISMA from here:

hank wood & the hammerheads set will follow too,but wasnt familair with em before checking the video so need to figure out the titles etc...

donderdag 18 september 2014

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - live @ 538 Johnson str-NYC august 30, 2014 eye candy!

great band,great set,great quality picture,great sound,great crowd
what more do you want?
this is how a hc/punk gig should be.

awesome job by Torsten Meyer from UNARTIG-NYC.

audio up soooooooon!


maandag 15 september 2014

GROUND ZERO - 1984 demo (ann arbor-MI) NEW 2014 VERSION!

(click on images to enlarge)

new link requested,so...
redoing it. better version up soon!
7 tracks done,3 left...


donderdag 11 september 2014

OPEN YOUR MIND - ''positive core" 1985-1986 demo's (valencia-CA) with Matt from INFEST

(click on image to enlarge)

took some time to "clean up" the artwork but came out pretty good imho.
still need to make an inside frontcover  with the info than it's done.

OYM had Matt from INFEST playing in it,

but this is fast youth crew-ish hc.
UNIFORM CHOICE 1st lp-UP FRONT spirit lp era stuff.
pretty damn good! 

1st 9 tracks = demo #2 from 1986?
11 from 1985 SOOOOOON.


and thx again to the dude from the mustard relic blog for the post 5 yrs later with the titles/info and artwork!!!

maandag 8 september 2014

ENTROPY - 1984-1985 demo's (venice-santa monica-CA) NEW VERSION!!!

finally done. came out much better as the 1st version, fixed all damaged parts etc...

track 01-07 from the 1985 demo
08-27 from the 1984 demo

info/live tracks/non cd-r demotracks etc here:

1984-1985 demo's stream/download from here:

the track "draft or die" has a shitty ending, version i had missed the last few seconds,
so took it from another source,but quality was poor,but at least its complete now,and the track sounds to good to delete it,
first 21 came out nice,last 6 are rough quality,but as said,still a great listen.
should be on a lp,or the 1985 demo on 7'' ,would be badass!



zondag 7 september 2014

DEAD MEAT - noise ain't dead 1987 demo-unreleased lp recording (U.K.)


no fan of the old U.K. punk genre,DEAD MEAT is a different story...
these guys have a more hc sound, pretty fast too
unfortunaly these recordings never made it to vinyl.
the 1984 demo came out a few yrs ago on a QUEERPILLS sublabel,completely in bootleg style with white labels,shitty home copied covers etc...
it's time someone puts these 2 demo's on a piece of wax and give it the threatment it deserves.


rest of the demo should be up tonight!

zaterdag 6 september 2014

NUM SKULL - "violent existence" 1986-1991 demo's & promo tapes (IL)

aight folks,here we have the first 3 demo's/promo from NUM SKULL
badass crossover/thrash stuff from the good ol' days.
they came out real nice.
stuff should be released onto wax coz imho these demo's do sound better as the 1988 lp.

keep an eye out for the "ritually abused" lp from 1988
it will be re-released on RELAPSE recs on lim. purple vinyl,black vinyl and on CD format
completely remastered.
you can order here:

and you can stream/dl the demo's CD-R's for free from here:

donderdag 4 september 2014

FALSE UNITY - resiste demo 2006 (san jose-CA)

mariachi thrash!

OFAL "remaster" 2014
pretty damn good demo from 8 yrs ago,
no further info,sorry.

dinsdag 2 september 2014

FALSE CONFESSION - out of the basement 1983 demo lp 2013 (oxnard-CA) repaired version! V.2

redoing it from a good rip,repairing all damaged parts.
only thing i can't fix is a little tapenoise in some of the bass intro's...it was too loud...
but will sound badass when done.
check back soon.

SOREX almost done too,3 tracks left,NUM SKULL 4 tracks left...poor quality so patience...