maandag 16 mei 2016


posted the preview of the lp awhile ago,now it's done.

this bands kept the fire going the last couple of months/years...
good times/bad times it doesn't matter,this is one of those bands that i'll remember when i'm old and retarded...this isn't the right moment to write a review,and you all know i suck at writing reviews LOL
so i'll shut up,hit that play button! and make sure you got #6 on repeat!
if you got some $$$'s to spend, get it on wax when it's finally there,worth it!!! the meantime you should get the GS flexi (sold out...i know...but egay/discogs,whatever,get it!),wasted talent lp,sad boys demo 12'''too... all badass! and if you don't have the CRUDOS recordings,you should be ashamed...damnit aug. 4...shoot me when i'm not there in A'dam...

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