vrijdag 30 september 2011

GENERACION SUICIDA - demo 2011 (los angeles-CA) live on KBOO sooon!

03-los probes,ladrones y muerte
04-generacion suicida

5 track demo from this LA band with members from RAYOS X and a few more bands
what makes this special,its not the usual latin/a sound but swedish/danish punk
probably coz they sound a bit like masshysteri but this is way better/unpolished and offcourse with spanish lyrics,male/female vocals,im a sucker for this stuff,althought its not fast,this is just nice/good music
BADASS demo!!!

they played on kboo last wednesday with RAYOS X too tired to record em so waiting till they put up the stream...when done,will post it here!
for now go get this,order the tape when its still available coz they won't last long probably,i have a feeling this band is gonna shake some ground...

you can order tapes here:

dutch folks can buy it soon in the DON'T BUY RECORDS distro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




donderdag 29 september 2011

TRAUMA - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 09-22-2010 cd-r (PDX)

12 track liveset,and a good one!!!
1st track is missing coz it was damged too much,impossible to get it right..
8 from demo,4 new ones without titles,any help is appreciated!

01-end of the world
02-the game
03-unknown-new track
04-unknown-new track
05-fall in line
07-era of excess
08-no hope,no more
09-unknown-new track
10-unknown-new track
11-policy of war

up sooooooon!

R.I.P. Edson "Redson"Pozzi-COLERA 1962-2011

tuesday night Redson died unexpected of a heart attack at age 49...
you all know him is as the vocalist/guitar player for the brasilian band COLERA
in 1977 he formed COLERA together with his brother,they played through the years till now
so it was a long road...they did alot of records,worldwide tours etc.
their last record was "deixe em terra em paz" from 2004.
so he will be missed!, my condoleances go out to his friends & family.

here you can dl one of their earliest recordings,uploaded it before,but fuck it! PLAY IT LOUD so he can hear it up there!
                                           Edson "Redson" Pozzi-COLERA 1962-2011 R.I.P.


woensdag 28 september 2011

BLEMISH ON SOCIETY (B.O.S.) - safe neighborhood demo 1986 cd-r (tampa-FL)

just got this...
still working on the back but why wait huh?

B.O.S. started in roanoke-VA in 1982
vocalist Tommy moved to Florida  in '85 and reformed the band with Pat Freeman...
in 1986 they recorded the 16 track "safe neighborhood" demo.

line up on the demotape was:

Tommy Houseman - vocals
Jack Cooke - guitar
Lyn Thomas - guitar
Pat Freeman - bass
Steve Esckridge - drums

for a full bio,go visit a tribute site!


badass demo! only knew a few tracks from the "we can't help it we're from Florida comp,so finding this made my day.
playing it alot last days,a keeper for sure!!!!!!!!!
go get it!


zaterdag 24 september 2011

TERMINAL STATE - live on radiobeat-WERS boston-MA (uncensored!) + live on equalizingXdistort-CIUT radio toronto 2005 cd-r (canada)


Another personal favorite,everything they did was goood! really good,but imo they didnt get the attention they deserved...
they did 2 records on hate the 80's records,a 12"on deranged recs and than they quitted.
and that sucked coz these livesets were proof that the new songs were gonna be goooood,but...they went on to form new bands,REPROBATES,SCHOOL JERKS,and another one i forgot...
6 yrs later and the WERS set is still the best sounding liveset ive ever heard! that bass sound...damn! really well produced by Ryan who did all WERS sets that year,direct control set from the same night ruled too,and the observers still blows me away too,those will follow too!
shout out/thx to Matt radiobeat,you still rule for sending these!
his & Jen's  last show as hosts for radiobeat will follow too,drunken crazyness on the radio with livesets from RATBYTE/FOR THE WORSE/CONCRETE FACELIFT been awhile since i heard em but with new computer i can open discs again so thats freaking NICE! remember passing out  @ 6 in the morning,so i was glad he send em on disc so i could hear the rest ;-0

scans of records/tests will follow soon if ill get my scanner repaired!
cdr back cover still in the works  but just done cutting of some silence between the songs...
came out REAL NICE!!! the WERS set is uncensored,pre recorded session,broadcasted later on the air with annoying censor sounds in it,these recordings came directly from master so sounds really good!
CIUT set sounds also badass,you even get some tracks twice ;-0

           1,2,3,4 ....
                I DON'T LIKE YOU !!!

WERS set :

01-i'm terminal
02-panic attack
03-fuck you Sid
04-i know i'm sick
05-heart failure
06-bend in pain
07-your rules
08-hit me
10-all in my head
11-wasted days,wasted nights

CIUT set:

13-wasted days,wasted nights
14-heart failure (take 1)
15-heart failure (take 2)
16-i know i'm sick (take 1)
17-i know i'm sick (take 2)
18-i don't like you (take 1)
19-i don't like you (take 2)
20-gun to my head
21-i know i'm sick (take 3)
22-CIUT interview


and another classic demo on vinyl CYCOTIC YOUTH! out now!!!!!!!!!!

you need one!

NO RESPONSE - more pollution from greenbay demo '83 lp OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE? + new cd!!!


NO RESPONSE's 16 track demo from 1983 on lp vinyl,believe it or not
not a boot! nope remastered by a band member and at a studio in Boston
test presses are approved,records are pressed,waiting is for the covers and than you can buy this classic!
put the link below under your "favorites" refresh everyday,and sooooon it will pop up in the store

can't fu#@#$%&%$#ng wait!
cover below is from a new cd with a new vocalist and a bassist! (the demo didnt had a bassist!) it contains 7 demo tracks newly recorded so fresh and fruity,but gotta admit,just noticed this is out,havent seen it in a distro yet...but only review said,7 tracks with the sound of the good ol' days,short tracks,no bullshit,so i'm curious and will pick it up when i see it. cover looks nice! 80's style cover drawnings,luv it.


vrijdag 23 september 2011

MUNDO MUERTO - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 01-13-2010 (los angeles-CA)

another great liveset recorded on LIFE DURING WARTIME on KBOO radio
band released also a mlp,but still have to pick it up somewhere...but it rules!
cdr cover soon,just a quick front...looking for higher quality flyer...

cut it up,some fade ins/outs,nothing else
more info here:

03-les decimos


RAYOS X live on KBOO on the 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the OBSERVERS - live on radiobeat-WERS emerson college,boston-MA 2005 (portland-OR)

to me this is their best stuff ever recorded! recorded/produced by Ryan
all 6 songs are rippers,and better sounding as the vinyl,don't know why this never came out on vinyl coz these will sell like hot buns for sure
and after 6 yrs there are still fans outhere who never heard this,and thats a shame so hopefully it get heard now
think im gonna draw/paint a cover for this one in observers style if i get it done,will post it later
liveset on LIFE DURING WARTIME will follow too,still need to cut up that 35 minute kboo set...
for now the radiobeat set only

01-state of decay
02-down on today
03-where i stay
04-walk alone
06-lead pill

observers records are repressed so still easy available go get some



enjoy! you will..;-0

DEFECT DEFECT live on LIFE DURING WARTIME will follow also!

new link with titles! PIPO KOEIE - Mike's recordings-peace thru power comp tracks 1989 (sliedrecht-papendrecht-the netherlands)

pipo what? cows!

6 tracks from the "peace thru power" compilation tape from 1989
the other recordings i'm still cleaning are bad quality compared to these recordings,so theyre probably all rehearsals...

PIPOKOEIE had the drummer & guitarplayer of DAS BRÉÉTELS in its line up,later the drummer Ron joined ANARCRUST for the 1st 6 yrs...later he joined SPECKNECK and still playing with em
members were

Ozzy - vocals (also playing in MOXTRED PURNO)
Sas - bass (also playing in ANARCRUST)
Rene - guitar (also playing in DAS BRÉÉTELS,ANARCRUST)
Ron - drums (also playing in DAS BRÉÉTELS,ANARCRUST)

02-speel met je leven


thx to mr. powerviolence for titles/line up! appreciate it!

found 3 other DAS BRÉÉTELS livesets as 1 track so expect em cut up soooooooooooooooooooon! (er or later)

HALVARINEEEEEEEEE what a song,played it over and over last weeks
this is some great underated/unknown hardcore folks,go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
getting more and more visions of a pipo koeie/das bréétels split...so who knows...

donderdag 22 september 2011

HAZARDOUS WASTE - live on CHRY 105.5 FM radio (canada)

10 track liveset,unknown date ...so info is appreciated!
...couple of yrs ago for sure coz its sitting in my comp for awhile...time to let it out!
boosted volume and cut of some talking...
great bass sound!
their records sound completely different,but this rules!
go check it out! maybe some sort of disco laterrrr

03-profit and power
04-dust cloud (STEER CLEAR)
07-lifetrap (86 MENTALITY)
08-totally controlled
09-march of the hazwaz
10-out of step (MINOR THREAT)


woensdag 21 september 2011

CHRONIC FEAR - demo #2 1986/7? (NJ) need info on this one!

busy with some sort of discography but can't figure out what these recordings are,some blog says something about a 2nd demo which are re recordings of the 1st demo,but these sounds different to me!
1st track is discrimination but the other 5??????/ ive got no clue? so any help is appreciated!
and yeah sound could be better,1st attempt....


here you have em,please post titles if you know any! thx in advance


C.K.N. - demo 1985 + rehearsal 1995 CLEANED! + holland hc tracks (raw) (alkmaar-the netherlands)

done for a long time now,and one of the last older dutch hc uploads (some krikk,ultimate sabotage,kikkerspuug,larm still upcoming...)
but this one's of my favorites!!!!
had plans to put this out on 10'' vinyl with Richard ups records but due to some mis communication this aint gonna happen...
well not by us unfortunaly but by a label which i don't wanna mention on here coz i dont wanna be connected to the guys behind it,so go look for it yourself in the near future!
here you have the recordings i wanted to use (pre master) ,had 2 crappy version so took some time to clean em up...+ a rehearsal they did in '95 in the boycot rehearsal space,a few tracks of that session are missing coz they were damaged.
in a later stadium ill also add the cleaned holland hc tracks but for now the 'raw' ones are included
if the band dont want this up on here,lemme know and ill remove it!
other people who complain can kiss my ass! so your warned! dont get me started again....

Helga played that song so many times last year,best song they did,about a young girl who was raped,addicted to heroin,working as prostitute to pay for her addiction,its a sad song,but with great bass parts,would be nice if this comes out with the lyrics in english too,we will see...

demo '85 + rehearsal here

oh yeah C.K.N. recently played a gig again in Alkmaar! with betercore,boycot and a bunch of others,and heard some C.K.N./BOYCOT/BETERCORE/ZWEETKUTTEN members are playing together,dont know if its just for fun or who knows a new alkmaar band will come out of it,ill keep an eye out!

for now open a can of chickensoup and enjoy this! TOK TOK!

zondag 18 september 2011

SUBZERO - live on WNYU crucial chaos 1990 (NY) CLEANED!

original uploaded on http://www.youthcrimes.blogspot.com/ !!!!!
go there to read what he wrote
dl-ed months ago,listened yesterday for the first time and you can guess,cleaned it a bit
came out NICE! in the talks you can hear i took out the tapenoise,but music didnt suffer much from it,track 4 has some weird sounds in the accoustic part but removing more hiss would have ruined it...talking had more noise in it...maybe ill try again later...
if you are a CRO-MAGS fan,go get this!
played their 1st cd alot in early 90's...
waiting could be a cro mags song,great riffs etc...
go check it out


REVENGE OF THE WHORES - demo '83 (AZ) complete!

back up with an extra track,think this is the full thing,6 from from a really good rip,Hinkley's brain from another version..
same as BIU faaaaast for that period,as stated in the info thingy in the folder,band dont want to be bothered with this demo,probably because of the song boycott israël....
and than somebody bootleg this,still havent seen it on vinyl,i would buy it for sure! first picture is possible tapecover...

01-club foot
02-botcott Israël
04-i wish i was dead
05-life sucks
06-Hinkley's brain


THE BLINDS - busy with business demo '05 (sweden)

another gooood demo from sweden,couple of yrs later,more punk
sloppy/snotty/fast are the keywords
no way records #2,many followed,lots of good ones but lately i didnt check the label because i had no internet,but no clue what they released last year,should visit site to see whats up...but
go get this! RULES!


E.T.A. (EPILEPTIC TERROR ATTACK) - demo 1999 (sweden)

Y2K thrash ahoy!
E.T.A. & DS-13 two of the bands from the period that still stand out,same era as lifes halt/tiu so yeah those bands are still getting alot of plays overhere
every record by both bands is a ripper,well maybe the 1st eta lp isnt what you would expect after this demo
but it aint bad for sure...
this demo was floating around for yrs in horrible quality,too loud/distorted ..no fun to listen too
but found it on disc again awhile ago and listened & cleaned it a bit...
and to me its a huge difference,its actually a damn great demo that was hidden under a pile of noise
no covers but maybe a home made thingy later...
but go check mp3's here
still has some cracks/pops from removing the distortion,but it was hard to get rid of...but this is a badass demo,go get it!


01-uberklass punk
03-kvasi punks fuck off
04-same shit,new day
05-bomb aid
06-snut sa fel
07-a million dead
08-born to die
10-overkord av systemet
12-militar javel
13-epileptic terror attack


zaterdag 17 september 2011

DEPRESIJA - demo 1983? & NIET! - demo 1984 + live @ MC siska 1984 (ljubljana-slovenia)

DEPRESIJA is pre NIET! ,think it has the vocalist and maybe more members
recently found it,rough stuff, 5 track demo from 1982/3??? not sure...
the NIET! demo is from 1984 ..and thats an awesome demo,13 tracks & if you know me a little you know probably why i like it...great thick bass sound & grrrrreat female vocals!!!,too bad tanja doesnt sing all songs,would like it even more as i do now.
demotracks are later re recorded/remastered and without tanja and its not bad for sure,but i prefer these recordings
last tracks are from the vhs tape,that was recorded live during a tv performance,and also contains some "private footage" from the band,so some sort of home movie,great sound,can't find the mp3's at the moment so upload will follow soooooooon!
go check that liveset/video here,2 parts of 10 minutes each,pretty damn good set!

DEPRESIJA - demo 1983 here:

04-suzenj sistema

vrijdag 16 september 2011

CRAPPING DOGS - demo 1983 (genova-italy)

22 track demotape from italy 1983
got it as 1 track,cleaned it awhile ago but think im gonna redo it,but this sounds not bad at all!!!!
most tracks are badass u.s. style hardcore,but there are also a couple of really annoying/boring tracks on here,i can't listen to em
the tracks : family style,i don't wanna look for you (weird dub-ish thingy) trustful & tout les nuits
another attempt to make a top 40 song,sucks also bigtime
but 18/22 thats a nice score
here you got all 22 tracks,ill delete the 4 after uploading,to me those tracks ruin the greatness of this tape
maybe a cdr back later...
here ya go


LAITZ - balance of power demo '85 (nieuwegein-the netherlands)

more dutch hc,demo sounded good but boosted the volume and stuff
finally found some written words about em on the smurf punx blog,not much... but heard the band is trying to find the master tape for a possible vinyl release...when i found out more,ill let you know offcourse
stole the flyer,sticker,thx Brob
go read the only thing i could find about em,sucks theres so little to find online about old dutch hc bands
but Jos Larm/seein red is busy with a book so hopefully that will contain some nice stories/pictures of that time,keep an eye out for that one!

maybe some kikkerspuug later too,not a huge fan,but the tape stuff is pretty good...


demo here