zaterdag 10 september 2011

RAZENDE ROELAND - demo 1986? (leiden-the netherlands)

more dutch hardcore/crossover!
RR were from Leiden,had Jaco on drums (later NEUROOT etc.) Peter on bass (currently MEILOF) Hennie on guitar
as members who where in the band for the whole 7 yrs they existed,in those 7 years they had about 10 different vocalists,and 5 guitar players,so not gonna mention em all,dont have their names either ;-0 ,yeah still lazy...
but you need to check this,cleaned it a little,sounds pretty good!
LET US LIVE OUR OWN WAY! badass track,nice guitar parts!

go check for the current band of the vocalist and bassplayer,no hc stuff so your warned;-)

7 tracks on this demo from 1986??? really got no clue can be later too..,1 unknown title...
great demo!

01-NATO massacre
03-let us live our own way
04-revenge police crimes
07-our answer

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  1. Saw them play in Zoetermeer (I thnk).
    Leiden guys reularly visited our Smurfpunx concerts and I booked bands there too sometimes (Breehuys?). Erik de Vroomen where are you?
    (PS The meilof link seems dead...)