vrijdag 16 september 2011

ZWAAR KLOTE / INCEST - split demo 1984 (venlo-the netherlands)

again more dutch hc,from the same city as DISGUST came from ,Venlo...sound is pretty similar too
 badass demo that belongs on 7''
removed tapenoise and repaired/cut out the cuts...think you won't hear it if you never heard the recordings before,came out nice
fresh cdr cover,maybe a back later,but next year  after the corruption 10'' im gonna try to release some old dutch demos,theres too much stuff written overhere and never put on a record,so decided im gonna sell a bunch of collection stuff i have to raise funds for those releases,who needs 4/5 copies of the same record right? but NO! not selling my TIU/lifes halt collections!!!!!!
maybe ill post list here too,but later,for now go get this
go there for more info!!!!!!!!!


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