vrijdag 16 september 2011

CRAPPING DOGS - demo 1983 (genova-italy)

22 track demotape from italy 1983
got it as 1 track,cleaned it awhile ago but think im gonna redo it,but this sounds not bad at all!!!!
most tracks are badass u.s. style hardcore,but there are also a couple of really annoying/boring tracks on here,i can't listen to em
the tracks : family style,i don't wanna look for you (weird dub-ish thingy) trustful & tout les nuits
another attempt to make a top 40 song,sucks also bigtime
but 18/22 thats a nice score
here you got all 22 tracks,ill delete the 4 after uploading,to me those tracks ruin the greatness of this tape
maybe a cdr back later...
here ya go


3 opmerkingen:

  1. WOW! Thanks for posting this. Maybe my favorite Italian demo after the Raw Power and CCM demos. Such an overlooked classic. I also really like the songs you mentioned not liking. They're just so odd sounding. I think it makes the demo unique. Fave song is Doctor War.

  2. @Stormy: I am the drummer of this tape (I was 19). I agree some songs are quite weird, but the whole tape is good although various. Sad nobody reissued this.