zaterdag 24 september 2011

TERMINAL STATE - live on radiobeat-WERS boston-MA (uncensored!) + live on equalizingXdistort-CIUT radio toronto 2005 cd-r (canada)


Another personal favorite,everything they did was goood! really good,but imo they didnt get the attention they deserved...
they did 2 records on hate the 80's records,a 12"on deranged recs and than they quitted.
and that sucked coz these livesets were proof that the new songs were gonna be goooood,but...they went on to form new bands,REPROBATES,SCHOOL JERKS,and another one i forgot...
6 yrs later and the WERS set is still the best sounding liveset ive ever heard! that bass sound...damn! really well produced by Ryan who did all WERS sets that year,direct control set from the same night ruled too,and the observers still blows me away too,those will follow too!
shout out/thx to Matt radiobeat,you still rule for sending these!
his & Jen's  last show as hosts for radiobeat will follow too,drunken crazyness on the radio with livesets from RATBYTE/FOR THE WORSE/CONCRETE FACELIFT been awhile since i heard em but with new computer i can open discs again so thats freaking NICE! remember passing out  @ 6 in the morning,so i was glad he send em on disc so i could hear the rest ;-0

scans of records/tests will follow soon if ill get my scanner repaired!
cdr back cover still in the works  but just done cutting of some silence between the songs...
came out REAL NICE!!! the WERS set is uncensored,pre recorded session,broadcasted later on the air with annoying censor sounds in it,these recordings came directly from master so sounds really good!
CIUT set sounds also badass,you even get some tracks twice ;-0

           1,2,3,4 ....
                I DON'T LIKE YOU !!!

WERS set :

01-i'm terminal
02-panic attack
03-fuck you Sid
04-i know i'm sick
05-heart failure
06-bend in pain
07-your rules
08-hit me
10-all in my head
11-wasted days,wasted nights

CIUT set:

13-wasted days,wasted nights
14-heart failure (take 1)
15-heart failure (take 2)
16-i know i'm sick (take 1)
17-i know i'm sick (take 2)
18-i don't like you (take 1)
19-i don't like you (take 2)
20-gun to my head
21-i know i'm sick (take 3)
22-CIUT interview


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