vrijdag 9 september 2011

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - live @ 1000 appeltjes,antwerp-begium 02-21-1988 + DONA NOBIS PACEM laterrrrrrr

01-take the strain
02-false profits
03-use your mind
04-show us you care
05-no threat
06-conned through life
07-human error
09-system shit
10-another nail in the coffin
11-bullshit propaganda
12-carry on screaming
13-fuck up system
14-if your only in it for the music...
15-murder (encore)
16-if your only in it for the music (encore)


great set of this long running band from the U.K.
not a huge E.N.T. fan but the first record got some plays in my younger days...& this liveset sounds badass!!!

think this was at the same night DONA NOBIS PACEM played (not sure..Brob shine a light on this will ya ?
E.N.E. (extreme noise error) from groningen the netherlands played too,their set is released last year on a lim to 100 copies lp,including the demo & a rehearsal official release! on http://www.state-fucker.com/  (got some E.N.E. for ya'll laterrrr) vinyl is still available,gonna check how sound is...read some things about poor sound...57 minutes on a lp ??

but ...you can dl DNP set here : http://www.systemsabotagechaos.blogspot.com/ as 1 track,but ill make a nice split cdr thingy so DNP cut up later ...


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  1. I only know of two gigs of Dona Nobis Pacem @ 1000 Appeltjes. There here:
    It's possible that they did a 3rd one with ENE but I can 't remember. I've tried to get in touch with Munpie but no response...

  2. Yup...Was with Dona Nobis Pacem , Agathocles & ENE !! Remember that this ENT - gig wasn't with Dean (too sick to take over the mic,even he was there) ... Lee//ND took over his vocal parts,together with Phil V. (RIP) !!