woensdag 21 september 2011

C.K.N. - demo 1985 + rehearsal 1995 CLEANED! + holland hc tracks (raw) (alkmaar-the netherlands)

done for a long time now,and one of the last older dutch hc uploads (some krikk,ultimate sabotage,kikkerspuug,larm still upcoming...)
but this one's of my favorites!!!!
had plans to put this out on 10'' vinyl with Richard ups records but due to some mis communication this aint gonna happen...
well not by us unfortunaly but by a label which i don't wanna mention on here coz i dont wanna be connected to the guys behind it,so go look for it yourself in the near future!
here you have the recordings i wanted to use (pre master) ,had 2 crappy version so took some time to clean em up...+ a rehearsal they did in '95 in the boycot rehearsal space,a few tracks of that session are missing coz they were damaged.
in a later stadium ill also add the cleaned holland hc tracks but for now the 'raw' ones are included
if the band dont want this up on here,lemme know and ill remove it!
other people who complain can kiss my ass! so your warned! dont get me started again....

Helga played that song so many times last year,best song they did,about a young girl who was raped,addicted to heroin,working as prostitute to pay for her addiction,its a sad song,but with great bass parts,would be nice if this comes out with the lyrics in english too,we will see...

demo '85 + rehearsal here

oh yeah C.K.N. recently played a gig again in Alkmaar! with betercore,boycot and a bunch of others,and heard some C.K.N./BOYCOT/BETERCORE/ZWEETKUTTEN members are playing together,dont know if its just for fun or who knows a new alkmaar band will come out of it,ill keep an eye out!

for now open a can of chickensoup and enjoy this! TOK TOK!

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  1. can you please re-upload this? the link is dead. thank you so much!!!