zondag 4 september 2011

COCKROACH - lost generation 1998-2003 (panningen-the netherlands)

COCKROACH from 1998-2003

Rinus - vocals
Bram - guitar
Erik - bass
Kobus - drums


raging,faaaaaast,pissed off hardcore,fastcore or whatever you wanna call it
these guys were good!
the demo & split 7'' tracks still making me pissed when listening to it
lyrics from ''it's making me sick'' are current,there are a couple of child porn cases in holland,recently 1 bastard confessed he abused 85 little children,from baby age till a couple of yrs old,worked at a child day care centre,can you fucking believe it...,and that wasnt the only case,the whole country is rotten at the moment
i can "puke more frustrations" on here but
go get this,get pissed & puke your frustrations!


covers/inserts here: (didnt fit in a mediafire link,folder is big,+300 mb...

track #20 (#4 for stay angry 7'') & take four cd not included in here,go buy it somewhere,available for a few bucks,missing track from stay angry 7'' will be added later,sorry...
repress of split with mihoen! should be easy to get also
trying to get some live pics,video if i can find some...laterrrr


more dutch hc : RUPSBAND - 30 track thrash attack neeeeeeeeeeeext!

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  1. hoi, deze mediafire link werkt niet, groetjes, corehead666

  2. ''unleashed tonight! almost done...''

    kwartiertje en dan kun je het hele geval dl-en!

    grrrr Dan