vrijdag 16 september 2011

LAITZ - balance of power demo '85 (nieuwegein-the netherlands)

more dutch hc,demo sounded good but boosted the volume and stuff
finally found some written words about em on the smurf punx blog,not much... but heard the band is trying to find the master tape for a possible vinyl release...when i found out more,ill let you know offcourse
stole the flyer,sticker,thx Brob
go read the only thing i could find about em,sucks theres so little to find online about old dutch hc bands
but Jos Larm/seein red is busy with a book so hopefully that will contain some nice stories/pictures of that time,keep an eye out for that one!

maybe some kikkerspuug later too,not a huge fan,but the tape stuff is pretty good...


demo here


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Joep had an art-gallery in Berlin
    Ferko spends time in Africa from time to time...

  2. hahaha joeps art gallerie is called autocenter and for whatever reason i'm on their newsletter list ;-) - havent been there yet but might check it out later this month when i'm in berlin