vrijdag 2 september 2011

BELGIAN ASOCIALITY - demo 1988 (belgium)

                              been listening to these guys since age 14
think i was 15 and that year dynamo open air fest was organized in Eindhoven,and all the idiots i hang out with in the local bar,decided to rent a huge fan and go with 50 people to the fest..
7:00 in the morning we met eachother at the front of the bar and started drinking and smoking ;-0,it was going to be a long day so we made sure we didnt dry out...
in the van,we played music of our own...
BELGIAN ASOCIALITY were famous in holland/belgium and everybody knew them in that time,the song koppijn morgen was a thing we could relate too ha ha
so we played em almost the whole ride..
a girl never stagedived before,and you can't go to dynamo without practising,so she did it in the van,crowdsurfing over the heads of everybody sitting in their chairs,hilarious,8:00 in the morning,50 lunatics in a van...and belgian asociality coming out of the open windows,good memories...
after this demo right here,they did alot of other records,most cd releases...don't have em,coz i'm only buying vinyl.so only own the1st lp which ill be posting later,has alot of the same tracks as on this demo,but better produced,this demo is a bit rougher as their other stuff
im not gonna bug you with more boring stories and just put it up...
here ya go!


they recently put out a new 7'',just reading it.so info later...

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