donderdag 8 september 2011

BLATANT YOBS - step aside lp 1989 (sassenheim-the netherlands)

BADASS artwork by Roel (think he was in the band HUMAN ALERT!)
not really familair with em...except for a few tracks from a split with larm as fuck? might be wrong,it's too late overhere,gonna dump link and gonna take a nap! tommorow maybe some livepics ,scans of vinyl will follow too!

fuck your traditions! same for bears dancing,tied up etc...same for monkeys...all bullshit tourist entertainment

click 2 on image to make it readable...

click 2x on image! to make it readable size

big enough sir ???

more gooood crossover and dutch this time!
BLATANT YOBS were from Sassenheim the netherlands
did 1/2 demo's 2 lp's and a 7''
only have the 1st lp coz i like this one best,scanned the front
pain in the aaaaaass to get it right,but made it nice white for you all so you can print it!

REQUEST: anyone who has their demo/s hook me up please?

BY were
Wick - vocals
tankstasjon - guitar
Cruup - bas
Urp - drums


4 opmerkingen:

  1. damn i love your netherland punk-metal stuff! tyvm dan! there is a chanse to post the pics in order to read the lyrics?

  2. Great band...
    Think I saw them live in Belgium but don't know where anymore.

  3. Hey, Rick here.
    I was the singer (Wick) and also made the back photo. I just googled Blatant Yobs (as I do once in a while) and found this. If you have any questions, please mail me at: mail at rickstolk dot com

  4. hey Rick,
    Dan-OFAL hierzo,je email adres is helaas niet compleet dus als je dit nog eens checked,post nog een keer svp of mail naar dannyveldhuizen at yahoo dot co dot uk
    ik heb wel wat vragen en nog wat dingen die ik je wil laten zien...
    hoor je