donderdag 8 september 2011

FAST WORK (pre-THE EELS) - demo 1984 (boston-MA) + BRAIN INJURED UNIT/BONDED IN UNITY - demo '83 (boston-MA)

cleaned BIU along time ago,but track 4 was damaged alot,did my best but the first 3 tracks are incredible,great sound,sometimes it reminds of intense degree war in my head era,no shit! but this was 1983!!!!!!!! they were faaaaast for that time GREAT STUFF!!!
and too bad they didnt release more/couldnt find more of em,no info either...

same goes for the FAST WORK?-EELS - demo '84  their myspace says 1986-1996 fast work demo from '86 = only 4 tracks? & the track sound different,this version sound more raw/older/better imo so not sure whats the deal with the date and recordings...had it up before without titles,found titles so back up
this is a great demo too,a couple of ragers in the FU's style and a few slower ones

BIU - demo 1983

01-hell on earth
02-break it up
03-system addiction
04-rich man,poor soul

FAST WORK (pre-THE EELS) - demo 1984

01-sknuckle shuffle
02-there's a girl
03-what have they done
04-i did
05-fast work
06-tattooed tears
07-this city

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  1. Thanks for sharing quality shit - again.

    I had heard B.U.I. before on Barricaded Suspects comp.LP (1983) but Fast Work was totally new for me - excellent stuff...!