zondag 18 september 2011

SUBZERO - live on WNYU crucial chaos 1990 (NY) CLEANED!

original uploaded on http://www.youthcrimes.blogspot.com/ !!!!!
go there to read what he wrote
dl-ed months ago,listened yesterday for the first time and you can guess,cleaned it a bit
came out NICE! in the talks you can hear i took out the tapenoise,but music didnt suffer much from it,track 4 has some weird sounds in the accoustic part but removing more hiss would have ruined it...talking had more noise in it...maybe ill try again later...
if you are a CRO-MAGS fan,go get this!
played their 1st cd alot in early 90's...
waiting could be a cro mags song,great riffs etc...
go check it out


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