zondag 11 september 2011

MONGO MANGE GÁTÓÓ - death can be hazardous to your health lp 1986 (amsterdam)

badass artwork!

and again,more dutch hardcore,with a little metal in it,this sounds like the european answer to negative gain! sound is a bit cleaner.
more political too,topics deal with fascism,war,nukes etc...you get the picture...
pretty unknown/underated band,and my first introduction to em was a year or 2 ago...
started looking for the vinyl version and in 2 weeks i found one & scored this copy for cheap
nada info so just gonna put up the scans of record/inserts,should be enough...

MMG were
Rikki - bass/vocals
Sjap - guitar/vocals
Joep - drums

any demo/rehearsal/live stuff is more than welcome!

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  1. Thanks for the post! Just upgrading my files... :-)

  2. thank you again for all your comments! ive got a big mouth but appreciate your comments.your the only diehard on here,take care