zaterdag 24 september 2011

NO RESPONSE - more pollution from greenbay demo '83 lp OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE? + new cd!!!


NO RESPONSE's 16 track demo from 1983 on lp vinyl,believe it or not
not a boot! nope remastered by a band member and at a studio in Boston
test presses are approved,records are pressed,waiting is for the covers and than you can buy this classic!
put the link below under your "favorites" refresh everyday,and sooooon it will pop up in the store

can't fu#@#$%&%$#ng wait!
cover below is from a new cd with a new vocalist and a bassist! (the demo didnt had a bassist!) it contains 7 demo tracks newly recorded so fresh and fruity,but gotta admit,just noticed this is out,havent seen it in a distro yet...but only review said,7 tracks with the sound of the good ol' days,short tracks,no bullshit,so i'm curious and will pick it up when i see it. cover looks nice! 80's style cover drawnings,luv it. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. THANKS FOR THE PLUG! THE HOUR IS UPON US!!! The limited cover version (50 made) is up now!!

    thanks again brother!

  2. NICEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but damnit,not enough $ on my paypal to buy it right now,so after the weekend,hope you can put 2 copies aside for me?
    don't wanna miss out!!!!!!
    but great to see its finally done!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Dan, I think you'll be fine but if it looks like I'm running low I'll save 2 for you.

  4. The real version is up now...