vrijdag 23 september 2011

the OBSERVERS - live on radiobeat-WERS emerson college,boston-MA 2005 (portland-OR)

to me this is their best stuff ever recorded! recorded/produced by Ryan
all 6 songs are rippers,and better sounding as the vinyl,don't know why this never came out on vinyl coz these will sell like hot buns for sure
and after 6 yrs there are still fans outhere who never heard this,and thats a shame so hopefully it get heard now
think im gonna draw/paint a cover for this one in observers style if i get it done,will post it later
liveset on LIFE DURING WARTIME will follow too,still need to cut up that 35 minute kboo set...
for now the radiobeat set only

01-state of decay
02-down on today
03-where i stay
04-walk alone
06-lead pill

observers records are repressed so still easy available go get some



enjoy! you will..;-0

DEFECT DEFECT live on LIFE DURING WARTIME will follow also!

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