zondag 18 september 2011

E.T.A. (EPILEPTIC TERROR ATTACK) - demo 1999 (sweden)

Y2K thrash ahoy!
E.T.A. & DS-13 two of the bands from the period that still stand out,same era as lifes halt/tiu so yeah those bands are still getting alot of plays overhere
every record by both bands is a ripper,well maybe the 1st eta lp isnt what you would expect after this demo
but it aint bad for sure...
this demo was floating around for yrs in horrible quality,too loud/distorted ..no fun to listen too
but found it on disc again awhile ago and listened & cleaned it a bit...
and to me its a huge difference,its actually a damn great demo that was hidden under a pile of noise
no covers but maybe a home made thingy later...
but go check mp3's here
still has some cracks/pops from removing the distortion,but it was hard to get rid of...but this is a badass demo,go get it!


01-uberklass punk
03-kvasi punks fuck off
04-same shit,new day
05-bomb aid
06-snut sa fel
07-a million dead
08-born to die
10-overkord av systemet
12-militar javel
13-epileptic terror attack


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  1. Actually, this is not a demo, but the full recording session of the first Epileptic Terror Attack EP "The Racket" (released by Putrid Filth Conspiracy and ETA:s "own label" High Society). The EP was also included in 625:s CD release of "We're Not the Problem".

    BUT, The Racket only featured the following tracks:
    Überklasspack, A Million Dead, Snut - Så Fel, P.K.K, M.N.F.L, Överkörd Av Systemet, Born To Die.

    Interesting to see that the whole session is featured here! Can't really understand how it managed to get out... And thank you for that, cause I don't own it myself anymore...

    Actually, I think that this is the exact order of that recording session. Überklasspack was the easiest song we had back then, and that's pretty much the reason why it was the starter of recording sessions and live sets back then.

    "Militärjävel" was a song that we decided to never put out in the public since it seemed too "trallpunk", but it sounds pretty nice now... Just needed about 13 years of distance.

    /Mattias L (guitarist/singer on this tracks).