woensdag 7 september 2011

FRED! - a Mike D. short movie - soon in a theater near you!!!!!!!!

Mike D. is a well know person in the dutch hc community,most of you will probably know him as the drummer for S.A.F. (SKULLS AND FLAMES) ,later RUPSBAND,and curently WAKING THE DEAD
before these bands he was also the drummer for TUCO RAMIREZ (ill posting some TUCO/RUPSBAND soooon) and a couple of projects ...OPERATION UNITY was one of em,probably forgot a few,he also organizes gigs (DEAD AREA productions) which is also a record label...
and lately he also makes movies...

FRED is the latest Mike  D. short.
it has a dutch voice over who says,this is Fred,Fred has hobbies,photography & minigolf,he has also a girlfriend,but way more important than that
Fred has a dream,today his dream will be achieved.

below screenshots

go see the trailer etc here
email him if you want the full movie on dvd!


more Mike D news soon,coz i might be co-releasing the waking the dead/DFC split 7'' ,more info soon!

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