woensdag 28 september 2011

BLEMISH ON SOCIETY (B.O.S.) - safe neighborhood demo 1986 cd-r (tampa-FL)

just got this...
still working on the back but why wait huh?

B.O.S. started in roanoke-VA in 1982
vocalist Tommy moved to Florida  in '85 and reformed the band with Pat Freeman...
in 1986 they recorded the 16 track "safe neighborhood" demo.

line up on the demotape was:

Tommy Houseman - vocals
Jack Cooke - guitar
Lyn Thomas - guitar
Pat Freeman - bass
Steve Esckridge - drums

for a full bio,go visit a tribute site!


badass demo! only knew a few tracks from the "we can't help it we're from Florida comp,so finding this made my day.
playing it alot last days,a keeper for sure!!!!!!!!!
go get it!


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