dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

CAREER SUICIDE - tour 2011 teaser (live 2002-2008) incl both CIUT sessions + CJLO session!

if you gonna print-use these,you should download the versions on http://www.archive.org/ search for CIUT!
or download em from EXD blog-link on the left!

oh yeah finally put em  together and tagged em,cut up the 2002 set from a 1 track recorded from radio...,before i figured out the guys from CIUT shared these on the archive.org ...so used that one,and found the 2008 set on there too,did a little cut in the 2008 also,so all tracks are seperated...

first 17 are from the studio 3 session on EXD-CIUT radio 2002
18-23 are the CJLO session forgot what year it was...but a couple of yrs ago for sure...
24-32 are the 2008 recording of the studio 3 session for EXD-CIUT...

2nd folder contains the interview as track 33,1 hour interview...

euro tour starts in 2 days so here ya go!!!!!!!!!!

interview: www.mediafire.com/?


friday september 2,the pits,Kortrijk-Belgium
saturday september 3,OCCII Amsterdam-the Netherlands (MATINEE)
same day evening show in Munster-germany
sunday september 4,Hamburg-germany
monday september 5,Copenhagen-Denmark
tuesday september 6,Berlin-Germany
wednesday september 7,Prague-Czech  rep.
thursday september 8,Zurich-Switzerland
friday september 9,Mannheim-Germany
saturday september 10,Paris-France

thx to EXD blog for the 2 livesets! CJLO sets comes from slsk...go check out EXD blog! link = on the left side in this blog!

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  1. Atleast You Got Some Taste..... You have a Lot Of Noisy Crap on Your Blog but some bands are Good... This is Jerry's Kids Style.... Forget the Crust Crap.... Disbeat is o.K. But Keep It Tight... In A 2 Quarter Beat Please ! Thanx for Uploading Career suicide... Although i Already have every Damn Recording From Em ! ;) Respect for This!