zondag 14 augustus 2011

K-BAR - demo 2006 + teen beat comp (bay area-CA)

amazing demo from these 4 youngsters out of the bay area-CA
in the past 5 yrs i never heard from em again except for the track they did on the six weeks records teen beat comp cd...
they were supposed to do a record on deranged records but it never came out,dont know what happened but that sucks coz this demo was promising,still a good demo after 5 years...

interview with the band here:


demo + comp track here:


4 opmerkingen:

  1. i'm looking for No Options - demo (bay area/members later formed Born/Dead)
    do you have it??
    thanx dan


  2. already had all this, awesome to find the cover to it though. thanks dude

  3. ha ha Adrian,
    thats ok,im not doing this blog to complete your wantlist ;-0
    stuff i like/bought/play/think people should check...

    and Mike,don't have it...but born dead demo is next,thats a nice one too,but you probably have it already too ;-0