zaterdag 20 augustus 2011


(not incl. in records!,this was my home made cd-r cover...)

but DOES THIS LOOKS GREAT OR WHAT? just got em in the mail today,lp on nice clear vinyl,maybe i can squeeze it under my scanner in parts...but why not buy it yourself?
col wax still available!!!!!!!
artwork is simple,but coool, i like the whole idea of the "weather" effect on the logo,looks like a spray painting after a few yrs in the rain,nice job.

and maybe another amsterdam demo classic on gummo punx in the near future!!! but for now go

and no,you won't get the mp3's ;-0 , but you can still score some of the amsterdamned stuff on this blog,but you gotta be quick,gonna remove most sooon! live @ de buze set + live in the uk set will stay online.......

maybe ill translate the story on the insert to english so you all can read it,too bad for you its all in dutch,but you can look at the pictures ha ha

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah Im From Amsterdam Area.... NO PIGS, BGK, Amsterdamned and A Lot More....Ive Seen em back in 1982.... Nice Band! ;)