donderdag 11 augustus 2011

CONTROPOTERE - e arrivato a pook demo 1986 (italy) NEW UPLOAD WITH TITLES!

only had a tape front and the demo as 1 track,made a cdr front of it,but thats all i can do...
edit : added the titles after a search...
again political stuff from italy!

01-anti genesi-urizen
02-non indiet reggiare
03-chiusi in gabbia
06-coll'índice sporco di sangue

fuck the system!
no to power!
no to war!
no police!
no fascists!

they did some vinyl on skulld records out of germany but none of that reaches the greatness of this demo...very experimental stuff with great intro's-outro's!


have another demo as 1 track...urizen demo,but too much tapenoise,no way i can get it like these 6 tracks  so not gonna try...but lemme know if you wanna check it out,or if you have a good sounding version! thx

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  1. hey,
    thanks for that great post !!! great demo !!! My fave stuff of them is their EP on Skuld rcords (I think...)
    Good job !!