woensdag 24 augustus 2011


last show flyer
below 3 pages of the maximum rock 'n' roll interview,click on picture to make em bigger/readable size!!!!!!

yes that's a part of DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL song "lucha sin final"
best song of them,when playing it i'm screaming my guts out and i don't speak a single word of spanish/mexican ha ha but damn,this song is over the top pissed off latino hc!!
only have their lp as hard copy but recently found these recordings...
4 tracks from their 7'' (sell me yours! ;-)
11 tracks from a split tape (with the female vocalist!-need info on these recordings coz theyre gooooooooooood! but crappy rip...)
+ 4 other songs ,no clue where those are  from...
so here you got the 19 tracks together in 1 folder

the lp will follow in a seperate folder with scans of the record
for more info etc. go visit the DC. myspace!


pre-lp/cd recordings


no hay libertad sin desobediencia lp
funny thing about the lp...
they made the record too big for the covers ha ha
really,it wont fit,dust sleeves won't fit either ;-0 my copy came with a thick cardboard dust sleeve...,insert is a cd insert?? so more info needed,does the lp came originally with the cd lyric insert?????????

lp here:
www.mediafire.com/?  uploading!

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