maandag 29 augustus 2011

the CRUMBSUCKERS - cave demo 1983 + CBGB's demo 1985 cd-r (N.Y.) complete! new link!!!

EDIT : search and thou shall find
 track 13 that was missing added now!!!!!!!!!! new download link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been looking for a crumbsuckers demo for i don't know how many yrs & a few days ago i was lucky...
found 2!
i know alot of people are/were looking for crumbsuckers demo stuff,so here it is!
did a few fadeouts and boosted the volume a bit at places...great stuff!!!!!!!!!!

CRUMBSUCKERS - 1983-1985 demo's

cave demo recorded at Nino's studio june 1983 Baldwin-N.Y. on an 8 track
shortly after graduating high school the guys decided to record a demo to shop for gigs,one of the members brother paid for the recordings,for him they recorded the Chubby Checker song "the twist"
after this,they never played it again.

line up on the 1983 recordings:

Dave Brady - vocals
Dave Wynn - guitar
Gary Meskil - bass
Kevin Carroll - drums

CBGB's demo recorded in the summer of 1985 on a 16 track
line up on the 1985 demo:

Dave Brady - vocals
Dave Wynn - guitar
Chuck Lenihan - guitar
Gary Meskil - bass
Dan Richardson - drums

02-don't like it
03-Emil Mauer (you dick!)
04-kids in my school
05-the twist (Chubby Checker)

06-just sit there
07-shit's creek
12-live to work
13-charge of the light brigade

cdr back tomorrow,and i think ill put the liveset from CB's 1986 after the demo's so you've got a nice disc! will reupload when everything is done!
but for now,put on your dancing shoes coz its time to do the twist,bitch!

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  1. Hello Dan , how are you? I hope everything is going good :)

    Hey , Crumbsuckers are really good and the link was deleted, can you re-upload this link please ?


  2. Alfredo,
    think its on my otherr blog/!

  3. Heee Eindelijk iets Goeds op deze Blog... Hee Punk!... Atleast you upload a GOOD Band instead of Noisy Crap... Im Glad You Do... Thanx!... More Of This Please ! Your Upload Doesn't work Anymore But None of The Last.... Thanx... I Already Got Every recording From This Wonder Band!