maandag 8 augustus 2011

PHIBES - demo 2010 (NJ)

submitted by Kris,
and holy shit,i like it when people send stuff over for a short review/post on here
so next are a few things that were send in by band members
starting with PHIBES
from new brunswick- new jersey
members played before in bands like the WORMEATERS/BLOODTYPE (both great bands worth checking out too!)
this is a little different,has a more punky feel to it,but no weak poppy stuff
nope,these guys take the best elements of the old CA sound and mix it with the NJ sounds that we know from bands like killing it/tear it up/3 against one etc...
if you are familair with these bands youll reconize that typical NJ sound,and thats why i like this demo ALOT
this sound fresh,sometimes melodic but with a rough edge,Kris told mer they will release their debut 7'' soon
so keep an eye out for this one!
pick up a copy of the tape here

free download here,so say THX!

just ordered mine,so scans will follow after receiving it!

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