donderdag 4 augustus 2011

FUERZA X - entra el pit! cd-r (guatemale)

here's another favorite of the y2k thrashy stuff that still doesnt get boring after these years,this has alot of energy in it.
take the best parts of LIFES HALT! mix that with some thrashy faaaaaaast type of youth crew (don't let this fool you!!!) and you'll get FUERZA X

Richi - vocals
Moroco - guitar
Coke - bass
DieGO! - drums

no working website available...but will scan some more inserts of the compilations they did so you got something to look at ;-)

unfortunaly i only have a few tracks on compilation 7 inches/lp (destroy all borders 7''/histeria lp/barbaric thrash comp) never found a real record of their own...
but read something about a 7'' (or 2) that was supposed to come out in early 2002 or something,but never saw it anywhere,except for the recordings called "Vamos" which are the first 13 tracks...than you'll get 4 demo tracks,we're raw mono tracks,made stereo of it but still poor sound,but hey its fuerza x ;-)
after that you'' get the cali tour tape
 flyer for the 10 yr anniversary/reunion gig (gonna butcher this into a cdr cover)

any help with the title for #1 and the 3 demo tracks is appreciated!

02-entra el pit!
03-carne es muerte
04-ciencia enfarma
05-forma de pensar
06-Guatemala el pais de la eternal corrupcion
07-punk es mi vida
08-juntos el pit
09-muerte no justificada
10-no es cierto
11-hablando sin conocer
12-pruebas sin sentidos
13-hazlo tu mismo
14-muerte no justificada (demo)
15-unknown (demo)
16-unknown (demo)
17-unknown (demo)
18-muerte no justificada
19-forma de pensar
20-ciencia enfarma
21-no es cierto
22-Guatamala el pais de la eternal corrupcion
23-pruebas sin sentidos
24-carne es muerte
25-entra el pit!
26-hazlo tu mismo
27-punk es mi vida

any info on the "vamos"recordings is appreciated! if a record exist lemme know/sell/give/trade it with me!??


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  1. wow, so happy to have just found this!! there is very little info on Fuerza X anywhere online but they were an incredible band. thank you so much for posting!

  2. this is a blog by someone who was in fuerza x, it says that the Vamos record was never manufactured or released.