woensdag 10 augustus 2011

VIOLENT APATHY - 1981-1982 (kalamazoo-MI)

reason 7'' front
here today 7'' front

damn,cleaning up discography's isn't my favorite job,too many tracks...but this wasn't that hard
coz most were short! ;-)
and i did the demo & live stuff only,but cut off some cracks and pops from the 7'' stuff so it was done in 2 hours,not bad at all

Violent Apathy were from kalamazoo-MI
i can type awhole story but ya'll know i hate to type so im gonna give you links again,take it or leave it ;-0

for some cool stories etc and the book!


so after 1 year here it is ;-00000,now you better enjoy it ha ha

4 opmerkingen:

  1. my apologies for the looooooooooooong delay
    promised to send it to my buddy Rob from www.killtheheroes.blogspot.com
    so you can d'load it from his blog in a few days

  2. His blog has been removed! Can we get the link for this?