dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

DONA NOBIS PACEM - live @ de nooduitgang 1987 (antwerpen-belgium)

thx to Brob smurf punx for pointing this band out!
and here ya go! i cleaned/cut the one track set for ya;-)
have fun & take care

somebody from the 433 rpm blog posted a link on here for the YURA collective tape (located in Alphen ad Rijn here in holland...
it's a split livetape with CHUMBAWAMBA,which ill upload later coz im still editing/cleaning a bit,it were 2 sets each as 1 track...

but here are the 9 tracks of DONA NOBIS PACEM
tracks were also floating around on slsk in a poor quality,this is a nice upgrade for everybody,came with the insert so also correct titles...
pain in the ass to cut,hope it sounds good...
i think it does,a little extra bass and  just a volume boost can do alot...go check it out,stuff rules!!!

big thx to the folks at http://www.433rpm.blogspot.com/ for putting this up!

DONA NOBIS PACEM from antwerpen-belgium

line up:

Munpie (Muffie) - vocals & guitar
Gerrit - guitar
Dirk - bass & vocals
Alex - drums


chumbawamba laterrrrr,always thought they were some shitty alto band,but this sounds pretty damn catchy!

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