zondag 14 augustus 2011

STANX - no secrets 1983-1984 (steenwijk-the netherlands)

aight,back to the HOLLAND HARDCORE stuff (when i got things sorted out,ill put each post after the other one,so youll get all holland hc post in a row...
we continue with STANX from steenwijk...
this demo might be in the top 3 of best stuff ever written overhere,it blows away the split lp recordings by far
lot of the same tracks but the demo is much rougher as the lp stuff,so favorite overhere
lately dutch bands getting some attention from record labels all around the globe for releasing their stuff
good to see the intrest is growing coz there's awhole lot of great demo's outthere that has never been released,and fingers crossed,who knows this demo will end up on a slab of wax too,done by people with the right feeling inside...
but for now,go get it and enjoy this piece of dutch hc history! cleaned the demo a bit so should sound good!

and for stanx goes the same as alot of oher dutch bands,not much to find on the net
insert with lyrics is from the 1.242.285 tape...had also das breetels etc...released by the YURA Collective-which was located in Alphen a/d/ Rijn
i can upload the tape if anyone is intrested but not all bands are that great (breetels are goooood!....but lemme know,and ill clean up the rest too.

do you have any secrets? i know you do...


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