donderdag 25 augustus 2011

DOWN SYNDROME - dark age demo '83-7'' '84-comp tracks (edmonton-alberta-Canada)

DOWN SYNDROME from Edmonton,Alberta Canada were:

Sjor Lingjerde Throndson - vocals & drums
Bob Kropotkin - bass & vocals
Laurie Bulback - guitar
Dave - guitar on demo only ,on the 7'' recordings replaced by Jan Ek

this folder contains their 15 (*14! removed 1 annoying noisy track,that didnt fit between the rest...) 1983 demo called dark age,BADASS demo!!!
after that 6 tracks from the 1984 7'' (little more polished/better produced but still BADASS!

last are comp tracks from the va - it came from innerspace compilation lp on rubber recs & va - who will survive tape (with negazione,heimatlos,gepopel and alot of other int. hc bands)
they also had a track on the va - network of friends comp but already in here so no need to put it in twice...
they recorded a full length too around '85-'86 but think its never released...
maybe they released more that i'm not aware of,but all of these tracks are a great listen,so again get your diapers ready;-0

02-protect and serve
04-rat race
07-pain and hunger
08-Grody to the morgue
10-whatjah do
11-immoral minority
12-one more time
13-fight for your rights

15-other ways
16-solitary confinement
18-pain & hunger
20-suicidal eyes

21-you're a punk
22-bums (different version)

only tagged the files,didn't fool around with em yet....
well changed order a bit,placed track 8 from demo at the end of the demo,an outro in the middle of a demo SUUUUUUUUUCKS!

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  1. Hey Dan,

    I have Down Syndrome´s eponymous ep from 1984, with follwing tracks : 01 other ways, 02c solitary confinement, 03 racism, 04 pain and hunger, 05 values and 06 suicidal eyes...

    Just thought I'd let ya know, otherwise my compliments on a very fine blog man !

    XMosaSaurusX (from Maastricht ;-p)

  2. yoho,
    wow een echte M-town rebel op mijn bloggie ;-0
    nee coooool man!
    ik gooi de DS demo/comp tracks er zo op!,die 6 nummers zitten er ook bij
    klassiek plakkie dat !
    grrrr Dan

  3. Wanted to hear the demo, Thanks

  4. Hi Dan, can you re-up this if possible? Thanks

  5. you did not save this goodie? what's wrong with you? lol

    will reupload to the archive soon,maybe gonna try something on the demo next days...