zondag 7 augustus 2011

NO POLICY - mtl hc '84 demo (montreal-QC-canada)

allright folks
here it is!
did my best to get rid of the tapenoise etc,came out real nice imo
theres another version floating around with hiss,missing/wrong song titles etc,if you have it,you can delete it ;-)
have fun with this
GRRRREAT hardcore from montreal-quebec canada with 2 girls in the line up? or just one
tried to look for some pics of this line up but didnt find any...
this has some surf influences too,kinda like the RED TIDE surf zone track,i like it,instrumental surf i=niiiice!
and PUT THIS OUT!!! it's that good,nice artwork too
more info can be found here

mp3's here


D.O.G. laterrr still missing 3 titles and cleaning livestuff a bit,so patience for that one....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. i have a demo by no pigs in the planning,but think it's the '84 demo,still looking for some titles...

  2. well, you think i can get an advanced copy? im pretty interested in finding more from them

  3. Great post and thanks your clean up job sounds great.