maandag 8 augustus 2011

LOS VOLTAGE - demo 2011 (iowa)

another one send in by a band member,thx Jason!

this is something completely different as the previous post
but why limit yourself to only one kind of music right?

LOS VOLTAGE - st demo has 8 tracks and to me it's hard to pin down their sound...
not really fast,but noisy,sometimes slow but than rapidly changed to faster catchy parts,very varied stuff
like the raw sound on this demo,guitar sound is great!
vocals are different from what most bands do these days,so you might have to give it a few listens,but this has a couple of nice tracks on it! (and yeah the faster tracks like turn around run,low voltage and a couple more are favorite overhere...)
go check it out if you are into the stuff youth attack records does,this would def. fit on that label...

more info here

01-cut em all
02-in the light
03-i just wanna keep my eyes shut
04-me in place
05-turn around run
06-low voltage
07-burn out slow
08-i wanna go

say thx if you download! its shared for free by the band so show some appreciation!

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