woensdag 3 augustus 2011

LOS CRUDOS - live @ clevo fest 1995

both pics stolen from another blog,1st one is taken in ohio @ a fest ca '97 but could be 95 also,who knows,guy who took forgot,just like i forgot his name,but will look again....
6 tracks from that video,cut up,fade in/outs,and tried some new software
i like what it does so far...
and yeah LOS CRUDOS doesnt need an introduction,first latino band i heard/bought on vinyl (together with the bad taste lp (will upload later....)
but check this out,i had a hard time finding out titles coz structure of songs are different as on their records,any help with #5 is appreciated!

01-en mi opinion
02-desde a fuera
03-lucha para que te escuchen
04-nada cambia


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