dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

BEEF PEOPLE - music for men-Pavlov's dog session 1985 (VA)

                                                    tomorrow in parts so you can read it!

allright,back up,took out vinyl pops,boosted volume so sounds good for another 25 yrs ;-0
the BEEF PEOPLE from Virginia were:

   Brian Childers - vocals  
and another one who left us at an age to young to go...Brian passed away at age 42 in 2007...R.I.P.
Michael W. Dean - guitar
Willy MacLean - bass
Jack Massey - drums

included scans of the Pavlovs dog 7'' in the folder,huge...so you can read em,has a big story on the inside with  some cool pics,so go download it,and read it!
unfortunaly i'm not a lucky owner of the music for men 7'' so cant provide inserts for that one...
go check it out here:

gonna redo track 01-07 !! something went wrong with volume in mp3's,tried to change but files are f#%$#cked up,not sure what happened,they play fine,but cant change volume in these...but tonight better version!!!!

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