donderdag 4 augustus 2011

ILL REPUTE - sleepwalking in vegas 2006

maybe final cdr cover later,probably not...not gonna spend too much time on these anymore.
great set with the old classic line up if im not mistaken
recorded at the cooler lounge in vegas by Jeremy Stephenson ? aka vegaspunx on video
ripped it,cleaned/boosted it,cut it up and here ya go

gonna try to share dvd-videos on here too but dont know yet how to fit a dvd in a megaupload link or whatever so will look into that soon
gonna share all my dvd's on slsk too so will post list/username soon! got an extra external and glassfiber connection so if you got a fast connection too you should be able to finish a dvd in 4/5  hours. incl this set & a dr know one too,also filmed by mr vegaspunx & lots more
but more on that later...

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  1. RESPECT !!! Thanx For This One.... I Haven't Got This Recording from This Real Good Oxnard Hc Band..... Yeah Keep It Up... With This kinda Bands You Have My Respect!... Don't Upload Bands Like DOT Or COT From Holland Please....That's Noise !! This Is Hardcore... Doug Moody (Mystic Rec.) Style.... Thanks Again ! ;)