maandag 22 augustus 2011

DEAD STOP - 2002-2006 a tribute! words & music (belgium)

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yep folks,a tribute to probably the best hardcore band we had in europe in the past decade
belgium's DEAD STOP
i can write some bullshit,but above is a tribute zine,made by close friends of DS,this are their feelings about them,and yeah the love for ds goes deep by some of em ;-0
but this is a very well done tribute,it reminds me of the LIFES HALT - so long...& thanks for all the lim. records...zine that was given away at their last gig,it had memories of friends etc,lifes halt tribute post later ;-)
but now its time for DEADSTOP!
as a bonus i made a "fanclub" cd-r of two of their shows here in holland,one of the gigs is floating around as bootleg on the net for 14 euro's! DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! not legit,the band didnt get any copies etc...and stuff is released before on the kerstival cd with other bands...not worth your $$$$
so i made this as response...emailed Kris,and he said,no problem dude,post it
so i present to you
DEAD STOP - live @ light the fuse festival,hengelo 2004 + live @ kerstival alkmaar 2004

thx to Rob LIGHT THE FUSE for posting the LTF set
Kris & the rest of DS for existing!


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  1. Thanks a lot for an excellent post!
    One of my all time favorite bands... :-D

  2. Awesome post! I fucking loved this band I have 3 of their albums! It always bums me out hearing about a band coming to an end.

  3. Greetings! Do you know anything about the songs floating around known as the Kilburg Sessions? I have the cover songs from this session but was wondering if there are any other tracks recorded?

  4. Reupload please.Thanx.Kris from Poland

  5. Oi! Can you please reupload Dead Stop? Thanks!!!